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Flowers in spring on the Viburnum TinusAfter the winter drabness the greens are coming back to add to the serenity in the garden. Evergreen shrubs are a great way to add permanence and structure to the garden. We take a look at three shrubs that have a lush green adding texture and are perfect to add as a screen to block out neighbours. Grouped together or as individuals shrubs can be used to make a statement and an interesting background.

Vibrunum Tinus

The spring flowers on the Viburnum Tinus are oh so rewarding. The shrub almost covers in pink tinged buds which open to white petals giving an overall pink and white display. Compact growing Viburnum Tinus will grow to around a 3 meter height and can easily grow as wide. A little slower growing also gives a more compact shrub with its dark green foliage a perfect foil to the flowers.

If planted as a hedge one would need to plant them closer than most other large shrubs. Cut back after flowering as they flower on old wood, to shape. If being clipped into topiary do not cut them after midsummer to allow new growth for the following springs flowers.

Chinese Laurel

Lush new growth on the Chinese LaurelGrown for its bright green foliage and also for its very fast habit the Chinese laurel is a go to for many landscapers. Also known as Viburnum Sinensis, a very quick screening shrub one can get them to close a vista or create a screen within a couple of summers. As a shorter hedge you have to keep in mind that it will need regular clipping but it will reward you with lush new growth after each cut back in an emerald green.

Nandina - Sacred Bamboo

Nandinas new growth is bright greenRegular readers of our newsletters will notice that we love Nandina Domestica or the Sacred Bamboo as it is also known. Why do we love it? Nandina is so versatile as a shrub or screen especially in a small garden or where one needs some height against a boundary wall. The new grow is a lush feathery green which is soon followed by sprays of white flowers. There are many different varieties of Nandina which all have the added beauty of changing to a red plum colour during winter when it gets cold returning to green as the new summers growth starts.

TIP: Always plant your shrubs with good soil preparation. A good sized hole with the addition of Bone Meal to help for strong roots and a good handful of BioOcean to help with water retention and feed the young shrub in the first few months.

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