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BioGanic has a new sister! Flower & Fruit by AtlanticTechnology changes and keeping up with all the new products to get your garden sorted is an ongoing process. We’ve made it simple by testing them for you. There are a number of new products on the market this year. From new organic fertilisers to a crazy blue marking spray indicator. Here are some of the best we’ve added to our floor for summer 2017.


Organic Flower Food

Altlantic Fertilisers launch Flower & FruitBioGanic has a new sister and were super excited about this one. Our top selling flower fertiliser from a few years back, Sudden Impact, has been rebranded for the South African market. Launched this spring by Atlantic Fertilisers as Flower & Fruit, we know it will soon be back on the top sellers list. An organic based fertiliser which is easy to use, ideal for roses and all flowering shrubs as well as for fruiting trees. Regular use ensures strong roses which are less susceptible to disease and insect attack. For good fruit one needs good flowers first for them to follow.


Spray Indicator

Never miss a weed againA first in South Africa Spray Indicator by Protek will make sure you never miss a weed again. When spraying the weeds in the paving or on the lawn add the indicator to the mixture. When you spray it leaves a blue residue which fades within 48 hours and won’t damage your lawn or paving. This way you can see exactly where you sprayed or missed and if you are giving instructions to the gardener to apply when you are not home you can see exactly where it was done.

Organic fertiliser update

Liquid organic fertiliser GuanoFloAnother Protek launch that we think will add to our customer’s gardens and is the liquid fertiliser Guanoflo. A high nitrogen fertiliser which is easy to use as an all purpose foliar feed in the garden or can be used as a drench feeding for veggies or container plants.

As a high Nitrogen fertiliser it brings on the green and keeps the green colour longer and plants don’t look washed out after the rains or with regular irrigation. It’s safe to use and kinder to the environment. Use it alternating with Nitrosol or Seagro.


The Ant War

Nip It gets to the nest to help you win the war on AntsLast summer’s drought gave many homeowners problems with ants. We used all sorts of sprays here at Eckards and the two that worked best was to spray with Efekto Ant or the scatter product by Protek, Nip-It.

What we liked about Nip-It is that there is no mixing required and is very easy to use. Particularly useful in garden beds or along the edge of a pathway where you know you have an ant problem but can’t get to them to spray. Working as a bait the worker ants take the bait into the nest and it gets destroyed from inside.

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