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Water encompasses all the sensesBecause moving water encompasses all senses, install a water feature as the focal point of your garden or patio. Fountains have many benefits other than adding beauty to your home or gardens. Water in the garden aids in stress relief and relaxation, acts as a natural humidifier, improves air quality with negative ions, and produces soothing water sounds that can drown out annoying sounds or street noise to soothe and relax you.

If you don’t already have a water feature this is the year to consider installing one. Water brings movement and peace and there is nothing more relaxing and calming than listening to soft running water after a stressful day. There is no need to have green water in your pond or fountain to put you off having one.

Water features can be crafted to fit any space from a patio or deck featuring a complete fountain, to a grand scale feature complete with large boulders and waterfalls. A water feature should complement the style of your home.

Often maintenance is the one thing that holds people back from installing a water feature but they can take surprisingly little effort if you plan properly. A still water pond will often end up being more maintenance than a feature with moving water. A simple pump that circulates the water and splashing water which oxygenates the water will make all the difference.


Water plants provide shade for the fish Bog plants add variety to the water edge

Water plants provide shade for fish and utilise the excess nitrogen they produce. Plants are the easiest way to keep your pond looking fresh naturally. Water lilies need to have their soil surface about 30cm not more from the water surface. One lily can easily cover a square meter of pond surface.

A great way to add life to your pond is to install Bog Plants. Bog plants grow in or near the water’s edge and there is a variety to choose from. Make sure that the soil level of your bog plants is at the same height as the water surface or higher. The best way to do that is by using a container that is deeper rather than wider. If you are planting water plants into your own container use an Aquatic Mix which won’t dirty your water too much or float away on installation.

To boost the growth on your water plants use PlantaMin - this feeds them with all the nutrients they need and wont promote algae growth.

Shortcuts to clear water:

A mixture of fish and plants is the natural way to clean your pond. But if you get stuck there are two products to consider using.
AlgoRem - Clears green water within a few hours and keeps the water clear. Use it whenever the water begins to turn green.
AlgoFin - Treats blanket weed algae and is safe for water plants and fish.

Keep your water feature perfect with the Tetra range at Eckards

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