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Aster Astee flowers autumn Getting things sorted in the garden and on the patio this time of the year keeps everything looking great right through to winter. General growth on trees and shrubs has slowed down and by pruning and shaping now they will keep tidy for the next six months or so. By fertilising now you also wake up all the autumn and winter perennials and boost the green foliage plants as the soil starts to cool down over the next month. 


Perennial colour

Look out for perennials that flower this time of the year. Most perennials clump and one gets a more long term colour spot adding more permanence to your landscape design. Aster Astee is one of them that make a striking show in full sun to half sun every autumn. Perennials look great for a season and then go down till the next year. Besides Asters, look out for Butterfly Gaura, Perennial Salvias or Bacopa as alternatives and for colour variety. Mix and match to create an informal romantic styled border or plant on mass for a striking show. TIP: By planting a mixed grouping different this look at their best at different times giving you year round interest.


Sow some herbs & Veggies

Get some Beetroot in now You can still sow succession crops of beetroot, rocket, carrots and Swiss chard. Prepare your beds now to sow cool season veggies like peas, cabbage, cauliflower and onions as the month turns. Early March is also a good time to get your parsley going and to start your crop of leeks for winter soups. Prepare the beds with plenty of compost and a generous feeding of Bounce Back. Remember to keep your new seed well watered especially if we have a hot few days in a row. 


Last boost for lawns!

Boost lawn colour now

Late February is time to give your lawns a last boost in the growing season. Lawns fed now will green up sooner in the new spring and are stronger which keeps down the weeds. Feed well irrigated lawns with 713 Lawns and Foliage fertiliser for colour and growth. If you are fighting weeds do so before March as the efficacy of the broadleaf herbicides goes down by half or more as the season changes. Hormoban is still your best option as a weed killer in lawn, spray on a hot sunny day and make sure the lawn stays dry for five hours after application for best results.


Summer jungle beauties

Bring the jungle to your gardenGrowing a tree fern is a wonderful way to add a sense of the jungle and lushness to any garden. Tree ferns come from Australia, New Zealand and the surrounding islands and are well suited for our climate. They do however need regular watering and the watering needs get higher if they have more sun but there are a few ways to compensate for this as the reward of a perfect specimen can leave the viewer breathless. There are a number of different varieties of which three are most popular here at Eckards. Read more on our website here.


Keep the colour

Extend colour with Multifeed

There are plenty of summer bedding plants that will stretch right through autumn and give you a great show until it’s time for the winter bedding plants. The Salvias, Divine Impatiens and Begonias are the most rewarding and truly spectacular if well fertilised. To extend their flowering season deadhead the Salvias and add a bit of compost around their base. Divine Impatiens will also benefit from a mulch of compost. Begonias need to dry out between watering this time of the year so watch your irrigation on them. Feed once a week with Multifeed Flowergro to stimulate flowering and to keep them looking at their best. Multifeed is a water soluble fertiliser that can be used as a drench or as a foliar feed.

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