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Variegated Geraniums add interestThere are many summer flowering plants that come into their own over the next few months. The best way to make your garden look good all year is to add plants to the mix that are not just spring fabulous but that come into flower or look at their best at different seasons. That way the garden always has something new to offer. Look out for some exciting summer showstoppers; here are some of the plants that caught our eye in the garden centre.



As the rain starts to get interspersed with hot days and hopefully soon weeks Geraniums start to come into flower and last for months with more flowers coming if you regularly deadhead them. Look out for some of the more unusual varieties that are not only grown for their flowers but with variegated leaves they add that something different to the patio or balcony garden.


Star Jasmine

Star Jasmine flowers through summerStar Jasmine not only adds a subtle fragrance to the garden it is also versatile and can be planted as a climber or as a ground cover shrub flowering on mass early summer. The small white flowers cover the plant and through summer one gets a second and third flush on a bright glossy green leaf. Plant them where they get full sun and it grows compact and lush but Star Jasmine will also tolerate some shade where it is then grows into a softer looking plant but has fewer flowers. To keep them looking fresh cut them back with a hedge sheer which will promote new leaves that look bright green and shiny and stimulate flowering. As a climber they will quickly wind their way up a trellis or through an obelisk and can then be clipped to shape.


Sunny Coreopsis

Coreopsis flowers sparkle in full sunWith bright yellow pompom flowers bopping in the breeze Coreopsis is and very rewarding summer perennial which grows best in a well-drained soil and the hotter to spot the better. Their yellow flowers actually are so bright they sparkle in full sun. They add a wonderful contrast when planted amongst plants with red leaves where the combination of red and yellow brings positive energy into the garden. Plant them with 234 planting fertiliser and liberal compost and they will not need much else this summer except a bit of deadheading to encourage flowering. 


Hydrangeas or Christmas flowers

There are many new varieties of HydrangeasHydrangeas are often called Christmas flowers because of the time of the year that they flower. There are many new varieties on the market and there is bound to be one that catches your eye. Some of the new varieties like Hydrangea You&Me have double flowers and the Endless Summer Hydrangeas flower continuously from now through to pruning time in June. Growing around a square metre when mature with some of the older varieties even bigger when mature, Hydrangeas do best when they get some morning sun or dappled shade all day. They do not do well if they get to hot and dark shade will prevent them from flowering. 


PW = Proven Winners

Daisy Mae is a Proven Winner Shasta DaisyThe Proven Winner range of plants are endorsed by Keith Kirsten. Selected because of their flowering and growth performance this range has some of the best new plants introduced in the last few years. The range includes shrubs and perennials that have been bred all over the world and often are new varieties of old favourites that perform even better in our gardens. From unusual petunias to agapanthus there is quite a range to select from for the summer garden. The Shasta daisy in the PW range reminds me of the ones I grew as a kid but this new variety called Daisy Mae is very special. It grows as a clump and slightly more compact in full sun where it flowers with perfect white petals and a yellow centre with flowers up to two inches wide. Look out for the unique PW logo on the container to know this is one of the Proven Winners not just in our SA gardens but around the world.

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