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New golden Lily Turf, Pee Dee GoldNovember into December is the time of the year when you need to get your garden and patio party ready. Entertaining outside is such a part of the South African way of life especially during the summer holiday season.

Have a look at your patio or entrance and plan a quick blitz to spruce them up. Add some bright colourful bedding plants and freshen up the borders with something new to add to the festive mood. After a snip, cut and trim the garden is party ready.

New Lily Turf - Pee Dee

This year there have been a number of new varieties of Lily Turf launched. This month we see the arrival of the pure yellow gold variety called Pee Dee Gold. Growing in sun and shade they are extremely versatile and will add a contrasting foliage colour as well as lifting darker shady areas.

Growing as a low clump they will become thicker as they mature. Through mid to late summer they get spikes of purple flowers which show of strikingly against the gold foliage. Plant them along a shady border or as a statement in containers as under planting of lollipop standards.

It's all done in a Day

Daylilies are available in so many coloursThe flowering cycle of Day Lilies it is. Day lilies or Hemerocallis as they are also known have become very popular over the past few years because they are so easy to grow and make a spectacular show.

Every year they bring out more colours making them fun to collect and easy to find one in a colour to match you gardening colour pallet. A mixed bed makes a very pretty show if you have limited space but the best impact comes from planting one colour in a grouping along a driveway or where you look down on the bed from an upstairs window or balcony.

As perennials Day Lilies multiply every year with mature plants giving numerous spikes of flowers. They flower for a few months but each individual bloom only lasts for a day or so which is where they get their name from.

Great colour with Sunpatiens

Variegated Sunpatiens add light in the shadeWe love the Divine Impatiens but just as popular and also disease resistant Sunpatiens Impatiens are simply amazing. Although they do not grow in full sun they will handle more sun than most impatiens but will need to be watered daily. Growing over 1 metre tall they are striking in mass plantings or in large containers.

They will cascade over the edge of a container much like the old common impatiens of old but with larger flowers. Sunpatiens look at their best through mid summer and will keep flowering well past summer into autumn.

Look out for the ones with variegated leaves they add a second splash of colour and lift the light in darker shade.

Read more on how to grow the best impatiens here.

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