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Do not miss summer flowering Angel FlowersTo have the best garden ever is more achievable than one might think. It really is a case of the more you try the luckier you will get. But that does not mean that an inexperienced gardener won't have their best garden this summer it is just their start of a journey in gardening. As an experienced gardener knows there is always something new to discover in the garden.

Plant all year round

When looking at what to plant try to get a mixture of plants that flower at different times of the year. Often we see gardens that look great in spring and then not much the rest of the year - this happens when you buy all the plants that draw your eye in one visit - the problem is that down the line they will always only look great at that time.

By shopping for plants over a few different seasons you get a wider range which adds interest to the garden all year. If you don't want to shop over a longer period a great idea is to draw a rough plan and list plants you would like. This keeps you focused when shopping and are less likely to buy just one seasons best.

Build up the soil

Look out for a carpet of Blue ConvolvulusThe secret to the best garden starts with the soil. Often easy to neglect because it is not as much fun as planting new plants one should not underestimate the value of good soil preparation.  Soil high in organic matter and well fertilised, will not only make new plants grow better and produce faster results,  it also helps to retain moisture.

Soil that has been neglected in old gardens or stripped after building can easily be revitalised. The simple recipe is one bag of compost per one to two square meters and a handful of organic Bio Ganic pellets per square meter. Turn this in and rake level ready for planting. At planting add additional compost per shrub or tree along with a handful of Bone Meal. Once plants are in, feed again with a handful of BioGanic each and finally a layer of mulch or more compost over the top.

Tip: Don't be tempted to turn the soil once this process is complete. The rich organic matter will attract earthworms and they will do the work for you, earthworms aerate the soil and produce natural fertiliser through their castings. If you dig over the bed to often earthworms stay away and the soil will quickly degenerate.

Feed - Water - Enjoy

Seen one lately? Red Bottlebrush #NostagicMomentOnce your garden is up and running as it were then keeping a hand in it is the key. Regular feeding every second month at least through summer will keep growth and colour constant. Keep your lawns looking great with quick release 7:1:3 this time of the year or the organic BioGanic Lawns

Watering is also something to keep an eye on. Over watering will not help the garden and by letting it dry out too much between watering will also retard growth and finish of flowers sooner. A layer of compost over the soil as a mulch will help regulate the moisture as will decorative mulch such as pebbles or bark chips.

Don't forget to have the best garden ever there is one key thing you should remember above all - take time to sit back and enjoy it! Connect with your family and friends surrounded by your garden and you'll see, memories also make the best garden ever.

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