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Crassula are also known as Jade Plants
Crassula are also known
as Jade Plants

Indigenous to South Africa these succulents come in many different colours and shapes. Crassula Ovata also known as the Jade or Money Plant are slow growing and make a perfect clump in a dry spot and in a bright spot indoors the green varieties will also grow well.

Popular not only for being water wise and pretty, they are also steeped in symbolism and are said to attract wealth and prosperity and are often given as gifts for a house warming or a new business. In Feng shui tradition their presence in the house or office is considered auspicious.

The green leaves are symbolic of growth and renewal, closely resembling jade coins/stones, symbolic of wealth and prosperity. The Jade plant is said to give off nourishing “chi” the positive energy into the garden and home.


Grow them in a full sun to half day sun position. The grey and yellow leafed varieties need full sun to keep their colour. Plant in well drained soil and include a handful of Bone Meal and some compost. They are tough and will grow in most soil conditions but with a bit of extra care they will have leaves that are fatter and more succulent.



In summer watering is an important to keep them lush but they are waterwise and will survive being left to dry out for weeks on end if planted in the garden. In containers they need watering at least once a week in summer.

SSun will keep the yellow bright
Sun will keep the
yellow bright
Grey leafed varieties are the toughest
Grey leafed varieties
are the toughest


Grow the Best

They will grow faster if you feed them but it’s not essential. We like to group then in terracotta pots to add to the collection. They grow well in confined soil and won’t need to be planted out at all. Most commonly they will get “top heavy” and fall over in the pot rather that stop growing. Because of the way they grow they can also easily be used as a “fake bonsai” as they have a typical dwarfed tree shape which is quite cool.

Summer watering is important for Azaleas
Crassula can be shaped
as a "fake bonsai"
Summer watering is important for Azaleas
How cute is this one
with it's "Shrek ears"
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