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The spring flowers of the Namaqualand draw visitors from around the world and are truly breathtaking. We can all get to the wild flowers that make up the spectacular show on the Cape west coast but the flowers that make up that show are available to get your garden or sidewalk looking just as breathtaking. We often refer to "Crazy about Daisies" which is because most of them have a typical daisy flower and yes, we are crazy about them.

Did you know the daisy flower symbolises happy times? We like that! Here is our pick of the happiness inspiring indigenous colour daisies.


Eckards loves cape daisies
Eckards loves
cape daisies
Indigenous and tough Osteospermum
Indigenous and tough

Cape Daisies

Osteospermum are certainly one of the best sellers in SA and with good reason. The indigenous Cape Daisies, Osteospermum, herald the new season with masses of flowers in a range of colours from white, through shades of pink to deep purple. Hybrids such as the yellow introduced a few years back, the red and double flower varieties, Cape Daisies are becoming a must have for the spring garden and will suit any colour scheme.

Plant them in full sun in well-drained soil with not too much feeding and keep them slightly on the dry side for the best results. Remove wilted flowers on a regular basis to prolong flowering.


Felicia are true blue daisies
Felicia are true
blue daisies
Vygies sparkle in the sun
Vygies sparkle
in the sun


Blue Felicia

Covering in flowers in early spring and flowering right through most of summer nothing quite puts on a show of true blue flowers such as the Felicia. There are a few different varieties but all grow about the size of a soccer ball and are perfect fillers in the full sun border. Every few months they can have a quick trim and soon they bounce back with a new show of flowers.

Look out for the variegated leafed ones and the white flowering ones have also become popular of late.



The original Water Wise perennial, Vygies are the succulent that many of us grew up with and continue to be popular. Not a daisy as such but they are worth mentioning as they often have daisy like flowers. Vygies cover in spring with vivid flowers that simply put sparkle in the sunlight.

Although the can handle garden watering they will grow in the most neglected or water scare parts of the garden as long as they get sun. The daisy like flowers close at night and open every day as the sun gets on them. This keeps them in flower longer and protects the pollen for the bees, nature’s way of looking out for each other.


Gazanias are #WaterWise and hardy
Gazanias are #WaterWise
and hardy
Plants for Pollinators rule!
Plants for
Pollinators rule!



Gazanias come in many forms. Flowering throughout the year but with an extra show through dry weather such as spring they are the ultimate Water Wise and hardy indigenous treasure. There are clumping varieties as well as spreading ground cover varieties all lovers of full sun and well drained soil.

The flowers mostly oranges and yellows with or without markings and some hybrids now have double or semi-double flowers. The white and pink are less common but just as showy. High on the list of plants for pollinators they are loves by bees and butterflies alike.

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