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Poinsettia symbolise the star in the nativity story
Poinsettia symbolise the star
in the nativity story

Gifts for the garden and home are always special and here at Eckards we have plenty to choose from to treat the grower in the family ... even if it's you treating yourself with a Me2Me gift. Have you thought of adding some seed packets as stocking fillers or even some gardening gloves?

Poinsettias:The name for poinsettia in the ancient Aztec culture meant "star flower" and it is this link to the star over Bethlehem that brings them into the Christmas tradition. Poinsettias are easy to maintain and will last for a few months indoors making them a wonderful addition to your Christmas decorations and are a great gift idea. Poinsettias need a bright room and prefer to stay on the dry side. After the holidays they can be planted outside in a protected spot as they are cold sensitive.

Self watering pots: Our new range of self watering pots are a great gift but also super cool to have. I have had the sample pot in the picture in my office for a few months now and they work really well. Better than any I've seen before. The concept works as a wick that lies in the water reservoir below watering the plant as it needs. Topping up the reservoir is all you need to do. Imported from the Czech Republic they are stylish and something different.

Herbs Pots: Herbs are always popular as gifts. Planted up in a bowl or just as a selection to plant up one can't go wrong here. Summer herbs such as Basil and Mint are the most popular but if your friend is a foodie then definitely consider giving Thyme Oregano and Sage. Herbs for cocktails over the summer are also a great idea. Get some inspiration from our article here.

Treats for the Birds: Our Bird Bar is full of goodies to attract birds to the garden. The seed bells are an easy gift for bird lovers but there are also a great range of feeders and accessories available. The nectar feeder and syrup will attract nectar loving birds like the Honey Birds while the pudding feeder with bird pudding will attract a wide range of birds. For stocking fillers we recommend suet blocks or balls - once they go out into the garden the birdlife increases as the word gets out that that is where the treats are!

A colourful basket: As easy as a bunch of flowers a colourful hanging basket is an instant treat. Lasting right through summer in most cases a basket of Impatiens or Begonias are super rewarding and a ready to go gift. Hanging baskets do require water most days to every second day. Feeding with something like Multifeed Flowergrow every week will boost flowering and add to the wow factor.


Our Bird Bar is jam packed!
Our Bird Bar is jam packed!
Stylish self watering containers
Stylish self watering containers


Quick Gift Ideas

We have loads of great gift ideas instore but here is our short list of gardening gift ideas at Eckards:

- Secateurs are easy stocking fillers - Flowering Fuchsias for the semi-shade
- Roses for flowers through the summer - Everyone likes a Wind Chime
- Tropical summer Hibiscus - Rain gauge to record the rainfall
- Cacti and succulents for indoors or the patio  - Cannabis starter kit for the adventurous gardener


Eckards gift Vouchers

The Eckards Gift Vouchers are the gift of choice to any denomination you want. Great as a gift or as stocking filler the Eckards gift vouchers can be redeemed in full or in part as one shops.

As part of the Garden Pavilion group you can also give the Eckards Gift voucher to friends and family who can claim them in full at anyone of the Garden Pavilion stores in SA.


Give a bowl of summer herbs
Give a bowl of summer herbs
Eckards gift Vouchers
Eckards gift Vouchers
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