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Without petals flowers would not be nearly as beautifulFlowers are the perfect pick me up. Seeing flowers first thing in the morning will lift the spirits and raise energy levels and happy juices from within. That is why nothing compares to a walk in the summer garden to start your day on a good note. This month we look at some flowering shrubs and climbers that will add colour every year to your surroundings.

Bower Vines

The Pandorea creeper known as Bower Vine is a fast climber which is ideal up a trellis or fence to act as a screen. It loses some of its leaves in the coldest part of winter but soon fills up and becomes a lush jungle looking vine. Through summer they flower on the ends of the new growth which bows under the weight, which is how they get their name. Flowering in clusters of pink, light pink or two toned pinks they really look awesome in full bloom. A little daintier are the white flowering ones which have a glossy bright green leaf.


The hotter they get the more they flower - HibscusWell worth considering planting is Hibiscus. The showy blooms of Hibiscus will lend a tropical touch to the home and bring a bit of summer holidays on the south coast to your garden. Hibiscus flowers come in many stunning colours from pink, red, yellow to orange and the blooms can be either single or double as well as two tone coloured.
Planting them next to a north or north-west facing wall is ideal. In smaller cluster gardens this sheltered environment, which is often too hot for some shrubs with the sunshine and reflected heat from the walls a Hibiscus will thrive and the heat boosts flowering.

Sapphire Showers

Duranta Sahire ShowerDuranta - There are yellow, variegated and green leafed Duranta that grow as quick shrubs to screen walls or even to create the backdrop to plantings of smaller shrubs across the front of a bed. The green Duranta Sapphire Shower is particularly striking as it grows to about 4 meters in a season or two and has graceful branches dripping with bunches of blue flowers almost all summer.

Plant them in full sun and for a tropical look don’t be tempted to trim them. Let them go a bit wild and you will be rewarded with a spectacular show.

Potato Bush

Love the royal blue Potato BushSolanum Blue - Potato bushes are extremely popular in our local area but are often constantly hedged. For a tropical garden allow them to grow naturally, you will be surprised as to how they simply cover in flowers.

Waterwise and tough they will grow in some shade but flower best if given maximum sun. They are also available in white but it is the blue that is simply the best performer. There are two blues on the market so try the dark purple blue for a more intense colour or just love the royal blue as we do.

Surround your home with flowers all year not just summer and make your garden that sweet haven that lifts you when you are down and makes your heart sing when you are happy!

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