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Over the past few months our local cannabis growers and enthusiasts have been asking for more information and products to grow the best crop. This month we introduce the new range of registered products from the Feed4Weed range. Produced and packaged in KZN where as we have always been told they grow the good stuff... But as we also know growing cannabis for health benefits is becoming more and more mainstream and definitely not only about getting the buzz.

We can give you some basics here but if you need more complete advice here’s the Feed4Weed website link

We now carry their full range instore to make it easy to get your crop to their best. Besides the Feed4Weed range we also have all the other accessories you need to get growing. At this point it is still illegal for us to sell the seed but the rest we can.

From complete kits to fertiliser
From complete kits
to fertiliser
Coco Peat available bagged or in a compressed brick
Coco Peat available bagged
or in a compressed brick


In short you need a combination of the following for sucsess in growing your Cannabis plants.

  • The right amount of light as this effects the size of the crop
  • Fresh Air
  • The Grow Medium
  • Perfect Temperature especially in winter as they are naturally a summer crop. Ideally 20 – 26 degrees!
  • The correct plant nutrients
  • Water and PH

Our range of seedling trays to terracotta pots as well as PH Meters and fertilisers will add to your success. Giving your Cannabis plants a combination of grow mediums will also ensure you grow healthy Cannabis plants. Regardless of whether you are growing indoors or outdoors. Growing your plants with these mediums is necessary if you want to grow huge healthy plants.Fertilising of cannabis for home production is quite specific and we now carry the full range of Feed4Weed fertilisers to provide the optimum nutrients for the best results.


Growing media

The most popular growing mediums and additions include Coco Peat, Vermiculite and Perlite.

Coco Peat: Coco peat can be used as a substitute for germination mix or used as a soil additive. Loose and airy it aids porosity and at the same time the water holding capacity makes an ideal growing medium for plants. Coco peat is now available loose, bagged or as the classic compacted brick.

Vermiculite: This will assist in moisture retention as well as aerating the soil medium. Vermiculite can also be used as an alternative medium to expanded clay when growing your crop hydroponically.

Perlite: Perlite is used for aeration in the soil medium. It helps for drainage and will increase the volume of your mix.

Protect your crop

The temperature regulation is important especially when growing outdoors. We have a selection of easy to install green houses as well as grow tunnels for the home garden.

There are not many bugs that affect the crop but as always Aphids tend to find them and can stunt growth or affect the quality of the leaves. We recommend going the organic spray route and to use the Ludwigs Organic Insecticide as a repellent spraying weekly. Organic Oleum can be used indoors and out as it is odourless and will clear an attack with a couple of applications.

Easy to install Green House
Easy to install Green House
We have a selection of different Green Houses
We have a selection of
different Green Houses
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