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All gardens need fertiliser to grow the best and it’s time to wake it up and get it ready for summer. Sort out the lawn, feed the beds and to add a generous layer of compost all round. Which fertiliser should you be using? Using the correct fertiliser simplifies your gardening. TheEckards quick guide to get you back to green fast.

If you are a new gardener or an experienced hand, there is always something to learn or find useful. If you are still using the same fertilisers you were using ten years ago this is a must read. Technology and information changes and using the correct fertiliser simplifies your gardening experience and gives you the best results.


Our team know all the options to guide you
Our team know all the options
to guide you
Organic fertilisers are slow release
Organic fertilisers are slow release


Organic fertilisers bind with the soil and by nature are slow release.  Binding with the soil they do not leach out finding their way into underground water and rivers. Feeding with an organic fertiliser is an on-going process and regular applications give the best results. Organic fertilisers are all ideal as general fertiliser. Plants grow with stronger structure when fed organically instead of being forced with a chemical fertiliser which results in plants that are hardier to the elements such as cold or water extremes.

Modern chemical fertilisers are kinder to the environment and better suited to our soils than their traditional counterparts. Chemical fertilisers give quick results but at a price. The leaves are forced so one finds that they are not as strong making the plant more susceptible to insects and disease.

NB: Always use fertilisers sparingly and according to directions to avoid fertiliser burn, whether you are using a slow release, quick release or organic fertiliser.

Healthy plants consist of roots, leaves and flowers. With this quick guide we have listed the most common fertilisers needed to grow the best and healthiest garden.


General Garden Fertiliser

Sometimes you need to feed the whole garden in one go and not focus on specific plants. We recommend the using the following two fertilisers for all purpose feeding. Being organic these fertilisers are safe for the environment and can be used safely used throughout the garden.

BioGanic All Purpose: – Our top selling fertiliser Bio Ganic is an 100% organic and environmentally friendly fertiliser. Safely used throughout the garden. Apply across the bed or as a boost per shrub. Reapply every four to six weeks. For veggies or herbs the higher nitrogen levels promote good growth and as an organic using Bio Ganic will lead to better tasting edibles. Bio Ganic is the rebranded fertiliser Bounce Back in South Africa.

BioOcean:An organic fertiliser containing seaweed which helps plants absorb the nutrients and will also help with moisture retention in the soil. Water wise, Bio Ocean can be safely used throughout the garden to improve general growth, flowering and plant strength. Apply across the beds or use as a boost per shrub, even suitable for containers. Reapply every four to six weeks. BioOcean is the replacement for Seamungus in SA.


Lush Leaves

Nothing looks better than bright green healthy leaves and the only way to ensure that is to feed with a fertiliser that is higher in nitrogen. Healthy leaves are what we need to improve the air quality we breathe every day as plant leaves absorb the carbon out of the air and provide fresh oxygen for us. It is leaves and plenty of them that we need to offset our carbon footprint.

7:1:3 is a quick release lawn fertiliser
7:1:3 is a quick release
lawn fertiliser
Vitaliser Lawn and Leaf: A 7:1:3 fertiliser with bio-carbon to boost leaf growth. Perfect for getting shrubs that have lost their lustre healthy again and the best lawn fertiliser for use on lawns that are well irrigated. As a quick release it has faster results but should be applied every six to eight weeks to keep lawns looking great. The bio-carbon helps the plant absorb the nutrients easier. One of the most economical fertilisers with 10kg feeding around 200m2

Wonder 3:2:1 SR: A sustained or slow release fertiliser to boost root and general growth on lawns and shrubs. As a slow release fertiliser it will not damage your lawn if you water less frequently. Do not use on lawns that are well irrigated as it leaches out before all the nutrients are available.  Apply every six to eight weeks for best results.

BioGanic for Lawns:  Easy to apply and as an organic fertiliser that will not leach out when watered regularly. This fertiliser will boost growth on application and feed over a longer period as a slow release fertiliser. Safely used on lawns with irrigation or that are watered less frequently. Apply every six to eight weeks for best results. 5 kg feeds 100m2.


Flower power

Everybody loves flowers. The potassium rich fertilisers stimulate flowering and will also maintain a prolonged flowering season.

Bio Flower & Fruit promotes flowering and strong growth
Bio Flower & Fruit promotes
flowering & strong growth

BioFlower: An organic based fertiliser which is safe for the environment and is easy to use, ideal for roses and all flowering shrubs as well as for fruiting trees. Re-apply Bio Flower & Fruit every four to six weeks. Regular use ensures strong roses which are less susceptible to disease and insect attack. For good fruit one needs good flowers first for them to follow. Atlantic has made sure this fertiliser is safe to be used throughout the garden.
Ludwigs Vigorosa: A premium brand of fertiliser for roses and flowering shrubs. This quick release fertiliser contains additional elements to give the best results and is endorsed by Ludwig Taschner, South Africa’s rose guru. Reapply every six to eight weeks. Use sparingly and water well as the additional elements can easily burn your plants.

Multifeed Flowergro and Classic: Suitable for all plants and especially recommended for bedding plants. A water soluble fertiliser, Multifeed is ideal for use in containers and for foliar feeding throughout the garden. Apply every two to three weeks throughout the year. This is the fertiliser we use in the garden centre to keep our container plants looking fabulous.

Wonder 3:1:5 SR: A slow release fertiliser to boost flower growth. An alternative fertiliser for fruit trees as well as roses and any flowering shrub. As a slow release it is ideal for gardens that do not get watered regularly. It needs to be applied every six to eight weeks. Apply a closed handful per plant and reapply every four weeks.


Strong Roots

Always plant using a fertiliser that will give you the strong development of roots. Roots are the foundation that carries the rest of the plant for its lifetime so even though you don’t see them you see the results of strong roots.

Bone Meal: Bone meal is an organic phosphate that won’t get into underground water, staying close to the roots of newly planted plants. Use about one handful per shrub into the hole as you plant. Roots grow slower but stronger with Bone Meal but be careful as dogs often dig looking for the bones you buried! If you have dogs rather use an alternative fertiliser for planting.
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