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New and exciting to see, Gold Crabs Claw LotusHaving been a gardener for many years one would think you become immune to gardens and plants... not me. It’s a bit like having an obsession with growing things and this spring is no different. I get what I call #GardeningGooseBumps when I see or smell some of my favourites from years back and of course when I fall in love with the new releases... here what caught my eye this spring... so far...

Crabs Claw Lotus

New too are the Red Crabs Claw LotusWe have grown and loved Lotus also known as Parrots Beak, for a few years already. With #WaterWise objectives in mind the range has been extended. Previously they were available only in orange but this year we now have the Golden Yellow as well as a Red available.

Lotus will grow as a ground cover in a sunny and dry spot and looks stunning cascading over a ledge or retaining wall. Cascading over the edge of containers the will hang well over a metre down with their silver grey leaves having a feathery effect. Just keep them dry they really do not like to be watered too often.

The Cancer Bush

The Cancer BushThe Cancer Bush is indigenous to Southern Africa and traditionally been used as an indigenous medicine for a variety of ailments, Sutherlandia is the botanical name. It prefers a well drained spot and grows just over a metre high. Growing in full sun it is a tough plant, hardy, fast growing and drought tolerant

We love the bright orange flowers they get in spring and the seed pods that follow are equally beautiful with their translucent green colour.

The leaves have an aromatic bitter taste. An infusion made from the leaves is a traditional remedy said to treat fever, chicken pox, flu, rheumatism, haemorrhoids, diarrhoea, and stomach and liver problems.

Lavender Dwarf Anouk White

NEW!! Lavender Anouk WhiteThe days of whether it is French, Spanish or English lavender are gone. There are so many hybrids and different varieties one can scarcely tell the origin these days. Plant the ones you like and we recommend always buying them in flower or showing colour to make sure it will do what you want it to do.

Lavender is well suited to containers with many dwarf varieties available. New and catching our heart this year is the Dwarf Anouk range available in three colours, White, Deep Purple and Pink. We love them all. Remember that lavender prefers a sunny spot and is the water wise too.

Wax Flower

Use the Wax flower as a long lasting cut flowerCertainly not new but really love Chamelaucium also known as Wax flowers. They originate in Australia but are well suited to our local garden conditions where they add something different as a small shrub and low screener. They have aromatic leaves and soft branches which sway in the wind adding an interesting texture and feel in the garden. They flower all along the stems and cluster on the tips with a waxy finish that gives them their name. The best thing about them is that they make excellent cut flowers lasting for week in the vase.

Wax flowers need a full sun position for best flower displays, although it will take a little shade, it must have well-drained soil. Trim outer branches lightly after flowering to encourage bushy growth, but do not cut into old wood.

TIP: By planting plants that look good at different times of the year one can layer the garden to look good all year with various points of interest.

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