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Known as Inca Lilies or Peruvian Lilies, Alstromeria add a touch of the romantic garden to the home by flowering all summer long. When they were first introduced to the local gardener in the late 80’s they captured the imagination and instantly everyone wanted one of every colour. The newer varieties that have become best sellers with the current gardener are more compact and flower for longer periods.

Over the past couple of years and particularly through lockdown bringing flowers into the home has had a surge in popularity as we all realised that flowers spark joy and make the world seem a bit better. Not just for colour in the garden Inca lilies also do incredibly well in a container and if you love flowers in the house they are excellent to grow for the vase. Pick Inca Lilies for the garden or the vase this summer.


Known as Inca Lilies or Peruvian Lilies
Known as Inca Lilies
or Peruvian Lilies
Pick Inca Lilies
Pick Inca Lilies


Where to grow them

As a perennial they will be part of your garden for many years. Give them the best start with plenty of compost as well as BioRock planting fertiliser to help them establish. They do well in full sun as long as they don’t get reflected heat from a wall or from paving. The best spot that keeps them looking lush is where they get a break from the sun through the hottest part of the day. Morning sun afternoon shade will keep the flowers from fading longer.

Regular deadheading will encourage new buds right through summer. Don’t cut the flowers off. Gently tug the stem and it will clean the plant as you do. A stem won’t re-flower. Every second or third month we recommend feeding them with BioOcean organic fertiliser. This will keep them tougher as well as encouraging good new growth as well as more intense coloured flowers.


They symbolise devotion and friendship
They symbolise devotion
and friendship
Feed Inca Lilies with BioOcean
Feed Inca Lilies
with BioOcean


Spread the Joy

As perennial clump they need to be divided and split to keep doing well. This should happen every three summers or so and you’ll either have more plants for free in your garden or some to give away to a friend.

In the language of flowers, they symbolise devotion and friendship. We like that; everyone needs a best friend to make the journey of life more special.


Gardening for the vase
Gardening for the vase
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