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Quick and easy growing your own Microgreens is a fun and healthy way to boost your salads, smoothies and snacks. Microgreens in it basic form is the leaves of newly germinated seeds of some of the most popular veggies and herbs, but packed full of healthy minerals and vitamins. Grow them indoors with our easy to use kits.

Microgreens are a generic term for immature greens, harvested soon after their sprouting stage, typically within 10-15 days when the first two seed leaves have formed.  Microgreens are sometimes confused with sprouts — which are germinated seeds that are eaten root, seed and shoot.  Among the easiest and fastest-growing crops, Microgreens offer a palette of fresh flavours, from mild to spicy and inspire repeated plantings for an ongoing supply of fresh greens for creative uses. 

Harvest and serve them immediately for the freshest flavour.


Microgreens are fast to grow
Microgreens are
fast to grow
Ready mixed Microgreens from Raw Seeds
Ready mixed Microgreens
from Raw Seeds


Sow and Grow

Ugrow Microgreens

Environmentally friendly growing containers that are 100% plant based, biodegradable and compostable. Once planted, the Microgreens will be ready in 8 - 15 days from sow to harvest. Grow a Microgreens garden on a windowsill or in a bright room indoors. They also make a great gift idea. Each pack contains everything you need from the 100% Biodegradable Grow Container to the seeds, soil a wooden scraper as well as the easy to follow instructions.
We have a wide range of different varieties available which include Coriander, Clover, Wheatgrass and Radishes and some of the more unusual ones too.


Microgreens Box

It could not be any easier than to grow your Microgreens in a container with no soil only water. Harvesting in 7 days is possible with the Microgreens box from Baba. It can be used for sprouts as well as for greens. Indoors in a bright light warm spot the layer of seed is sown directly onto the plant tray with a reservoir of water below. The humidity will start the process. Once harvested one can wash out the container and start again.

The RAW range of healthy veggies has ready mixes of Microgreens so that one does not have to plant a whole tray of one variety. We like the Oriental Mix greens but just as popular is the spicy leaf mixture in the Old Mexico pack.


Grow Microgreens without soil
Grow Microgreens
without soil
Ready to go Ugrow Microgreens
Ready to go
Ugrow Microgreens



Plant Pods

Growing on the concept of easy to grow organic and healthy herbs we have added the Plant Pods to our range. Sold in a pack of 10 mixed herbs the concept is very easy to follow and guaranteed to be successful. The seeds are pre-sown in a pod which is their unique starter soil medium base. They are all heirloom seeds and the soil is perfectly formulated for their needs.

Simply pop the pods onto a tray with water to soak the pod on a windowsill and once the seeds germinate and have grown out a bit you can plant them out into pots on the patio or into the ground in your veggie patch.


Try the easy to grow Plant Pods
Try the easy to
grow Plant Pods
Pods are easy starters for the herb garden
Pods are easy starters
for the herb garden
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