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The Yellow Flower Carpet are the most popularDaffodils are one of the easiest spring bulbs to grow. Daffodils have been known for thousands of years and are often associated with English spring gardens. They figure in the myth of Narcissus, which is another name for daffodils. In Greek mythology Narcissus fell in love with his own image in a pool of water and was turned into a flower. The drooping head of the daffodil flower represents Narcissus staring at himself in the water.

 Although we most often think of the bright yellow daffodils, the yellow Flower Carpet being the most popular, there are hundreds of varieties available in shades and combinations of yellow, white and orange. Daffodils easily grow Look for shades and combinations of colours of daffodilsfrom bulbs in any garden and are a must have for a romantic or cottage garden. Daffodil bulbs should be planted in autumn in areas that will receive full sun or partial shade. Make sure the soil will drain adequately, as the bulbs should not sit for long in too-moist soil. After the daffodils bloom in the springtime, allow the leaves to die and decompose naturally, as this will return essential nutrition to the soil surrounding the daffodil bulb and ensure beautiful flowers the following year. Daffodils will happily naturalize an area and do not mind being crowded, so when you are establishing a new bed, plant the bulbs just a few inches apart.

Use a trowel to dig a hole or trough three times deeper than the bulbs are wide. Daffodil bulbs are tear-drop shaped, and some bulbs may have visible roots on the round end and a fresh sprout on the pointy end. Gently place the bulbs in the hole pointy end up. Bury the bulbs with a combination of soil and compost and feed with Hadeco bulb food after the flowers are nearly over. Growing daffodils in containers allows you to enjoy the flowers up close on the patio or balcony. When planting daffodil bulbs in a container try the double layer trick to get a mass display of flowers, place one layer of bulbs in the pot then simply place another layer over the top.

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