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Indigenous Plectranthus have long been a stalwart of South African gardens but they went out of fashion as time changed but they are proudly back in vogue. There are two main types Plectranthus.

Firstly the cascading or ground cover varieties such as the popular "Money Plant" and secondly the upright showy varieties such as the "Cape Angels" which flower on masse. The must have in semi shade gardens of on the covered patio.


  • There are many different varieties but the most popular leading the revival are the Plectranthus "Mona Lavender". This upright variety flowers through late summer covering the whole plant in lilac bunches of flowers that individually look like angel wings from which they get the name "Angel Flowers". Developed at Kirstenbosch over a number of years this plant is now sold all over the world and royalties are paid back to SA truly a win for us.
  • Although they are frost tender they are usually grown in shady protected places and as such are afforded some protection from frost. Due to the fact that they all flower at the end of the growing season frost does not affect flowering. If the plants are affected by frost they can be cut back at the end of winter and will grow out rapidly. Once the plants have been established for a year or more they become woodier at the base and are more resistant to frost damage.
  • Once a Plectranthus is established, very few pests and disease attack them and they don't need much feeding. Plectranthus don't need much attention and will grow in most soil conditions.
  • In hanging basket arrangements they are simply wonderful outdoors on the patio. The cascading varieties will grow in a relatively small amount of soil and cover the side of the bowl or basket quickly looking like a large hanging ball. The flower on short stems covering the foliage in a veil of smaller blooms. The cascading varieties mostly flower in white with a few pink varieties available.
  • Plectranthus also have a fragrant leaf and are closely related to mint. Animals generally do not like the smell of Plectranthus and they can therefore also be planted as a deterrent for cats and dogs.
Grow the best Angel Flowers - Plectranthus Grow the best Angel Flowers - Plectranthus Grow the best Angel Flowers - Plectranthus


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