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Mondo as a border looks neat and tidy
Mondo as a border looks
neat and tidy

Ophiopogon is known as Mondo Grass is one of the most popular tufted grasses to grow along borders, between pavers or as a carpet in the shady areas. These tufted grasses are the stalwarts of any modern garden filling gaps adding evergreen interest and great as a ground cover and contrast plant. Mondo grass, Ophiopogon, is a grass-like plant that grows in round clumps growing well in ordinary garden soil requiring minimum attention once established.

In late summer a small flower stalks with white or purple flowers emerge but generally they are grown for their leaf. There are various varieties in different heights and colours yet the traditional varieties are still the most popular. Choose from green to almost black varieties

Once established and the most efficient method of propagation is by division, although Mondo Grass propagates itself by spreading by underground roots. Cut them back in early summer to stimulate fresh growth and regular feeding with a high nitrogen fertiliser such as BioGanic All Purpose will encourage then to spread faster.


Compact Kyoto Mondo works between pavers
Compact Kyoto Mondo
works between pavers
Dark and broody Black dragon Mondo
Dark and broody
Black dragon Mondo


There are many different varieties on the market today and they all grow equally well. Planting Mondo Grass is never boring. They grow well in sun or shade but do need to stay well watered. So if you are a waterwise gardener we recommend that they are planted where they get afternoon or all day shade.

Ophiopogon Japonicas and Kyoto Dwarf

Tall Mondo is a very hardy evergreen clump forming plant with fine dark green foliage growing around 30cm in height and is ideal for mass plantings, rockeries, borders, groundcover and edging. The Kyoto Dwarf Mondo is also great as a border against paving or to use between pavers for an evergreen striking effect.


Variegated Mondo needs a bit more sun
Variegated Mondo
needs a bit more sun
Tall Mondo Grass grows about 20cm high
Tall Mondo Grass
grows about 20cm high


Ophiopogon Black Dragon

Black Mondo grass with its slow-growing nature fits well in containers and in small garden areas a clumping evergreen perennial grass with distinctive deep purple-black foliage. In summer, small sprays of lilac flowers are followed by black fruits. Slow growing to a height of 30 cm. Frost hardy and will tolerate both sun and shade. Paired with yellow or bright green foliage plants such as golden creeping jenny or yellow acorus Black Mondo grass creates a striking effect.

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