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Black DiamondDiamonds are a girl’s best friend and the new Black Diamond Crape Myrtle is the diamond in the rough to rival all the shrubs in the garden. Taking the world by storm it was released in South Africa in. We think it may well be the new release of the decade!

Give your garden the brilliance it deserves with the bold beauty only the Black Diamond adds. Extremely water wise and versatile makes them ideal for any garden and landscape design. Frost hardy and deciduous to let the sun in to warm the garden during winter followed by a spring flush of plum red black tinged leaves which create contrast and are something unique. Through late summer the flowers start and the plant covers in a vibrant show or crepe flowers.

They grow to around two meters high and can be trained as a small tree or as a full shrub. Well suited to containers a Black Diamond Crape Myrtle will add a touch of the dramatic to a sunny summer patio as well. They respond well to a winter cut back and are particularly fast growing in early summer.Fill your garden with the blooms and leaf colour that only this gem can deliver.

Flowering spectacularly late summer The flowers look like crepe paper
Crape Myrtles get our vote for plant of the year The black leaves add a touch of drama

What makes #BlackDiamonds our New Favourite at Eckards?

  • The colourful leaves right through from spring to autumn
  • Covering in flowers late summer
  • Drought tolerant and #waterwise
  • Low maintenance
  • Disease resistant to mildew
  • Versatility for gardens and patios

Purely Purple Black DiamondCrape Myrtles are incredibly easy to grow and require very little care once established. Feed them with BioOcean in spring as the new growth emerges. During the down time of winter shape them or cut them back to produce a strong new flush of foliage in spring.

Is it Crape or Crepe?

This is what we discovered and our is own personal view of why both are right in the case of the Black Diamond Crape Myrtle or the Pride of India Crepe Myrtle.

Crape is more frequently used in the USA where the new Black Diamond was bred but for the rest of the world the original Lagerstroemia is known as a Pride of India or a Crepe Myrtle.

Crape and Crepe are two variants’ of the same thing and mean the same - a fabric with a crinkly surface. The reference is to the flowers that have a distinct crinkle paper - fabric look about them. But there is a case for calling them Crape Myrtles - Crape is the name of the original black fabric band worn for mourning traditionally from a textured fabric.

We have debated this amongst ourselves and this is our personal opinion and it makes sense to us. The name Crape Myrtle for Black Diamond works because not only are the flowers reminiscent of crepe but the dark leaves add the reference to crape.
To add to the debate try figure out why a thin pannekoek is also a crepe :-) or not a crepe as my family would say.

Mystic Magenta Black Diamond Lavender Lace Black Diamond


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