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Garden styles move with the times as much as the indoor and patio decor does or what catches the eye of the next generation. Soon enough the influencer generation get mainstream and what's old is new again and vice versa. The latest style of gardening is #StreetSavage and we love it as it's all about flowers! Flowers can provide that buffer we need to reduce stress and come back to some peace of mind.


Mix and not match is the #StreetSavage rule
Mix and not match is
the #StreetSavage rule
Tall and short flowers pop together
Tall and short flowers
pop together


Street Savage started out in the flower arranging industry as the millennial's started preferring an informal arrangement of flowers over a stylised bouquet. The Street Savage trend reflects street life. It is a more rugged flower trend that is right at home in the city landscape. By the time it started getting to the patio containers and garden beds it became a celebration of colour and by irony the style is that of no style... in the traditional sense of the word.

In a crazy busy world one needs a buffer when you get home and through informality and a more relaxed approach, it can calm one down. The most important goal in planting for this trend is creating a sense of tranquillity and at the same time not being restricted by the rules of what you can do or think, as in the outside world. Based on imperfections and freedom, the Street Savage trend stands for anything but the standard picture.

The trend is more mainstream that the millennial's would like to believe as we have seen a slow creep towards it over the past few years which is how a trend and not a fad, is born. In garden centres across South Africa the colour pallet of mixed colours has started to take over from the banks of single colour displays we saw twenty years ago. When your garden is smaller it's more interesting to see a mix of colours up close than just one colour. It keeps the eye entertained, draws one in and subconsciously, makes that garden feel bigger and more relaxing.


Perennial colour from Cone Flowers
Perennial colour from
Cone Flowers
Does it all match - that's the point it does not
Does it all match - that's the
point it does not

Where the next generation have updated this style is that they want plants that last longer than a season and so too have a smaller footprint. They also want plants that are pollinator friendly, as saving the bees is very important to them and for that you need lots of flowers. This is where the perennials and self seeding annuals come to the front. The number one thing to consider in the Street Savage garden style is that there is no such thing as mix and match when it comes to colours or plants selection. Tall and shorter flowers take turns to shine or as they say POP!

Choose powerful, vibrant colours to make your very own statement. No need to follow any rules as you combine according to your own taste. Painted pots accentuate strong contrasts and recycled elements mixed into the design are almost expected, not that there are any rules. As long as your flowers make your environment unique and even more personal and you're considering the environment.
What is also important is that it's not a pull out and start again garden style. It's about adding and layering the existing garden style with new choices and editing out the parts that no longer make you feel happy.

Plants to add

  • Salvia in any form. Salvia is great for pollinators. Flower for months on end and the clump just gets bigger every year.
  • Agapanthus with their rock star status as indigenous water wise and tough perennials.
  • Daisies of any description. As long as they are single flowers not doubles. The bees can't get into the double flowers.
  • Cone Flowers flower through mid to late summer and will last a few years as a cut and come again perennial.
  • Indigenous Scabiosa that flower almost all year
  • We all love them now they have a style label. Gaura with its swathes of pink or white flowers growing in sun and almost any soil conditions.

Why do we say what old is new again and vice versa? The "Modern Formal" and structured garden said goodbye to the "Country Cottage Garden" style. Street Savage is a reincarnation the cottage garden with all its flowers and pollinator friendly plants and today its saying goodbye to the clipped shaped and bold plantings as it's seen as boring... and life should never be boring.


Gaura is also known as the Butterfly Bush
Gaura is also known as
the Butterfly Bush
Marigold are self seeding annuals
Marigold are self
seeding annuals
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