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Mixed use space adds versatilityHaving a great place to braai and entertain will make your home a place you will enjoying spending more time. Consider a spot to create an inviting patio on which to commemorate birthdays, anniversaries or just good close friends. There are so many outdoor living ideas to consider especially with our South African climate. Ideas are easy to find and easy to come up with on your own, just consider what you will use the space the most for before you commit.

If you will dine there then a table is a must but sitting on a settee might be just what you need for more relaxed times and if you want to use it as a quiet retreat you might need a hammock or lounger. If you wish to make the most out of your outdoor living space convert it into a multi-use space. Ambiance is also something to consider. Containers or a water feature to make it more relaxing, a simple arrangement of trendy pots or a table bowl of colour that can be changed to suit the table décor all bringing your personal stamp on the outdoor living room.


Add some green

Use containers of various sizes or colours to put on the patio, plants always add a interesting element and besides ornamentals you can also go practical. Consider planting up containers using herbs like basil, mint, oregano and rosemary. They will add a pleasing aroma along with supply fresh cuttings for salads and herbs fresh for the braai. Containers full of lettuce, tomatoes and green peppers will not be only delightful but useful too.


Calming waters

Patio ideas that consist of some version of a water feature can certainly enhance any kind of outdoor living space into an exclusive paradise. Running water will also disguise outside sound like road noise which adds to the sense of calmness. Even a small water feature can create a calming feeling as well be the focus of the patio design. Additionally bring in birds and butterflies of many types into your space.



One of the key design considerations when planning your outdoor room is screening for privacy and also from wind or as a sun visor. Use tall plants or trellising to create a backdrop to screen unwelcome views or as a windbreak. Place your main seating areas to look away from the intrusions. Plants also provide shade on the ground level which is great for breaking a glare on especially light tiled surfaces.

Patio ideas which are well planned and created ought to be uncomplicated, easy care areas. Colour with accessories which are easy to change and lastly don’t forget a focal point. If you don’t have a view create your own whether it is the bowl on the table the fire pit on the side or a grouping of containers a focal point is what brings the space together and completes the picture.

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