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Now is the time to be getting your garden entertainment ready. Without much effort we give you some tips on achieving the best looking entertainment garden on the block. We all like to put our best foot forward when we entertain and so should your home and entertainment areas. As the summer heats up entertainment takes place outside on the patio and in the garden making your home an entrance hall to the garden outside.

Enter your home as a guest. The first step is to take a fresh walk around the garden starting on the driveway. Weeds proliferate in the summer’s heat so a quick spray with Roundup at a strength of 20ml to 1 litre will kill everything between you paving in a couple of days. From the driveway have a look at where you want the guests approach. If they walk to the front door look at your containers and see if the plants need replacing or just a sprucing up. The addition of one or two additional containers with bright summer annuals can make all the difference in rejuvenating the first impression of your home. If they must walk towards a side entry make a focal point of some containers where you can always add a light or torch to draw them into that direction.

If moving through the house, take a look at your indoor plants. Plants are part of your décor and should be replaced regularly to give a new look. Replace tired plants with some Moth Orchids or Poinsettias for the season, colour always draws attention. Once on the patio or entertainment area have a seat and a long cold drink while you look at the surroundings. Add to the list the refreshing of nearby containers – how about adding a table bowl as a centrepiece using Kalanchoe and Peace in the Home. Important this time of the year is to feed containers regularly so we recommend Multifeed Classic alternated with Nitrosol every week till the holidays are over.

Off the edge of your patio consider the lawn. The heat and regular watering will have leached out some of the fertiliser leaving the lawn a bit dull. Boost it with a feeding of 7:1:3 to revive the colour. The shrubs and plants near the entertainment area could most probably do with a tidy so move through it with your secateurs cutting back some of the early summer growth and look at filling in some areas with fresh annuals. Feed and mulch the beds to revive them as well and boost annuals with Multifeed Flowergro. Once you have taken the tour around your garden now all that is left is a plan of action and to get started – the entertainment season is here and your garden will reward you with compliments from friends and family as to how great it all looks. More patio plant tips here.

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