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It hardly feels right to start planning your winter veggie crop now but the best results from some of the immune boosting root crops come from sowing the seeds late summer. Carrots, Beetroot and Onions grown from seed are so economical and an easy crop to harvest over the coming winter.

When growing veggies always remember the soil is the most important contributor to your harvest. If you don't have any earthworms when you dig over the soil it's a sign that your soil needs some attention and liberal composting is never a bad idea when it comes to that. Organic is always tastier so preparing and feeding throughout the growing season with BioGanic and BioOcean will do the trick. Bugs affect all garden plants but by feeding with an organic fertiliser you will certainly have less bugs and they won't cause as much damage.



Beetroot is a good immune building veggie because it is rich in Iron, Vitamin C and helps to create healthy red blood cells in the body. Beetroot also promotes good gut health.

Grown from seed we have a number of different options even a Yellow Beetroot that won't stain! Best in a sunny spot beetroot is planted straight into the garden so that you don't disturb or damage the root transplanting it later. Read more on growing the best beetroot in our popular article here.



Nothing beats a fresh sweet carrot straight out of the garden before it makes it into the house! Packed with vitamins and minerals, carrots are a very healthy food. No wonder they are a staple in modern cooking. Carrots are the easiest vegetable to grow and the most fun for kids to plant and harvest, the perfect way to introduce them to gardening and teach them about roots, leaves and about providing for the family in a fun and easy way.

Carrots are well known for being loaded with Vitamin A and C as well as being antioxidant rich which help in fighting free radicals, cell damage and inflammation.

Incredibly eay to grow here is the link to our full article on growing the best carrots.



Onions are full of the immune-boosting nutrients, selenium, sulfur compounds, zinc and vitamin C. In addition, they are one of the best sources an antioxidant that has antiviral properties as well as histamine regulating effects. Onions are slow growing and can easily take up to 5 months to be large and full onions as one would buy in the shops.

Make sure the soil preparation for the seeds is good with loads of compost and BioGanic to get the best results. The one advantage if growing onions from seed is that you can plant plenty and then harvest as babby onlions at all sizes leaving the last to be full grown.

Beetroot is super healthy to eat
Beetroot is super healthy
to eat
Yum! Carrots grow as deep as you prepare the soil
Yum! Carrots grow as deep as
you prepare the soil



Not a root crop but just as good for you. Chard leaves contain many antioxidants and can also help regular blood sugar levels. They are extremely nutrient rich and the combination of nutrients and antioxidants are just what the body needs to boost the immune system.

Sown in trays or in to the ground they need full to half day sun to grow well. If they get the shaded morning the leaves are slightly larger and softer. Although water wise once established if they get enough water the leaves are also plumper and better nutritionally.

In South Africa we grow Swiss Chard or Silver Beet as Spinach which appeals to our pallet but the soft true Spinach with similar health benefits is gaining in popularity and can also be sown this time of the year.


Time to plant

From late summer through autumn there are so many veggies to sow and try out. Seeds grow when the weather is warmer so by sowing timeously you will get a bigger and better crop. Sowing from seeds is a very economical way to boost your immune system. From being outside to tend to them to the sheer volume compared to planting from seedlings by opening up a packet of seed you're already ahead of the herd.

Time to play!

Our Tip: When growing any veggies is always to grow what your family will eat. There's no point in growing spinach if only mom will eat them.

Onions are available in brown, white or red
Onions are available in brown,
white or red
We call Chard spinach but we have true spinach too!
We call Chard spinach but we
have true spinach too!
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