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Add layers of decor not just plants
Plant a bowl of colour
for the patio

As the temperatures drop around Gauteng garden tasks include covering your tender bits with frost cover, planting up a bowl of colour, protect the Aloes and Mulch with the fallen leaves. Plant something you love in the garden for foliage-colour now and it will reward you every year as winter sets in - Sacred Bamboo always gets our vote.

The only way to keep your home filled with colour is to plant some. Winter Pansies or Viola still remain one of the best sellers in South Africa and for good reason. Did you know each plant can have up to 800 flowers? That’s quite incredible if one thinks about that. A single tray or a couple of instant colour pots will fill up a bowl to grow on the patio table as an all season centrepiece. Plant them with potting soil. Feed them every second week with Multifeed Flowergro. Deadhead them frequently and water them once a week. They will last right through to October and eventually cascade right over your bowls edge onto the table.

If your patio table is in the shade for most of the day then change over to a bowl of Primroses or Cyclamen for a show just as pretty.

Colourful Kale

The fancy-leaved cousins of cabbage make a bold statement in the cool season garden. They are edible but are bitter so one would not grow them to eat but they make great companion plants in mixed plantings and always draw attention. They were developed as a winter colour leaf by hybridizing cabbage and cauliflower and after years of development we get the range of colours we have today. They are extremely cold-tolerant and need full sun to light shade. The more sun and colder the more compact they will grow.

More is better on most modern patios
Ornamental Kale make
a bold statement
Play with colour and make your own combination
Ornamental Kale
always draw attention


Permanent Colour

Colour does not only have to come from bedding plants in winter. The cold temperatures and frost colours a range of plants to striking shades of reds to burnt pinks. By far the most popular are the different varieties of Nandina which we believe no garden should be without. Also known as Sacred Bamboo they are incredibly versatile growing in sun and shade as well as making a striking container plant.

Nandina are evergreen and what makes them special is the colour they provide in the garden during all four seasons of the year. In the spring, the new foliage emerges as bright bronzed red and is soon followed by large panicles of creamy white flowers. Clusters of bright green berries replace the flowers and by late summer the berries will ripen to a bright red. The berries will remain until they are discovered and enjoyed by the local birds.

More is better on most modern patios
Nandina get our vote
for rewarding colour
Play with colour and make your own combination
The berries on
Nandina attract birds


Protect with Frost Cover

Add layers of decor not just plants
Don't get caught this year
- cover your tender bits

Frost occurs when the ground temperatures get to around the zero degree mark. When the wind blows it causes plants with tender leaves and stems to freeze and burn. To limit damage from frost in your garden the best advice is to not water the garden before 8am and not after 3pm and only on sunny days. By mulching the soil through the beds you will help keep the soil warmer too.

Cover tender plants with frost guard which allows the plants to breath and also allows light in which means the plants can still grow inside the cover during winter. The best way is to make a tepee over the plant and then tie it down so that it does not blow off on a windy night.


Protect with Frost Cover

The classic Cyclamen is one of our all-time winter favourites for colour. Great indoors or outside on the patio or in the shade protected from frost they flower for months this time of the year. Their upside down flowers start right at the base and then stretch up like bird wings in shades of pink through purple. Keep them slightly on the dry side and feed every alternate watering with Multifeed Flowergro to promote even more flowers. Indoors they do best in a bright room but not too close to the window catching afternoon sun as they prefer to stay slightly cooler.


More is better on most modern patios
Cyclamen for indoors
or outdoors
Play with colour and make your own combination
Do not overwater
them or they will rot


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