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Marigolds are natures medicine
Marigolds are natures medicine

Colour outside sets the mood similarly to how it would indoors and with clothing trends but with the big difference being that colour in the garden is alive! Nothing quite compares to colour in the garden. As the spring colour starts to finish of it time for change.

Flowers and foliage colour can add energy to a space and can also be used to calm an area down or to even make one feel cool and relaxed.

This is achieved by planting yellow, orange and red flowering bedding plants to energise a space and ignite passion and look to the colours of blue, pink and purple to bring an air of calm and romance to the garden. White is a contrasting colour in the garden and will either serve to highlight the other colours and amplify their energy or when used on its own it lifts the greens and adds light to darker spaces.

Did you know that the white flower show up in the moonlight so one can enjoy the garden all hours of the day!

What’s your favourite to plant? It’s so hard to choose… classical Marigolds or is it one on our list below of our top sellers.

Begonias take shade and some sun
Begonias take shade
and some sun
We love Divine Impatiens for dappled shade
We love Divine Impatiens
for dappled shade


Here at Eckards we have many favourites for colour all summer long but the top three have to be Divine Impatiens, Begonias and Salvia.

Divine Impatiens

We have planted disease resistant Divine Impatiens for many years and they are so rewarding. A great range of colours and we have had great success with mass displays of colour that lasts! Best in shade but they can tolerate more sun if well watered. Slightly more compact than the common impatiens with larger flowers, they are simply stunning, easy care plants for beds, containers and hanging baskets.

We are still asked if the disease that wipes out the common impatiens is over. The answer is it will never go away. But the good news is that after years of breeding programmes they have now released the Beacon Impatiens which are billed as extremely disease resistant. They grow and flower the same way as the common impatiens but will last right through summer to next autumn.


One of the best summer annual bedding plants that are so versatile and easy are the begonias. Over the past few years we have seen many different varieties being introduced and the fact that they flower so abundantly has added to their success. We simply love the Dragon Wings which never seem to be without a flower. Growing anything up to a meter high they will make a statement in a container and a striking wall of colour in the border.

Plant them in semi-shade to half-sun and with a regular feeding of Multifeed classic you will have easy colour that lasts. Look out for all the old favourite varieties they are a perfect complement to the shade and half-shade garden and being more #WaterWise they will handle a little less water than impatiens.

English lavender is ideal for hedging
English lavender is ideal
for hedging
Lavender Anouk White is a dwarf lavender
Lavender Anouk White
is a dwarf lavender



Vinca is one of our new favourites for this hot summer. Vinca will grow with very little water and do best in full sun. The pretty disc flowers are mostly in shades of pinks through to purples though to the original pure white. In flower constantly right through to the following mid winter makes them something every gardener should try.
Vinca don’t need much but a good preparation at planting is always advised. Our secret is watering... if they get to much they really don’t flower well at all.

Bedding Dahlias

Flowering in full sun Bedding Dahlias are grown as annuals. Their flowers look just like the popular summer bulbs and will flower continuously till late summer. Growing around 30cm high they are an easy way to fill abed or to dot along a mixed border. We love that they are pollinator friendly and flower in a range of colour one does not always get from other bedding plants.
Deadhead them regularly to get even more flowers. Feed them with Multifeed Flowergro.

Portulaca are water wise and flat growning
Portulaca are water wise
and flat growning
Salvias for sun and half sun
Salvias for sun and
half sun



These tough little plants thrive in our hot conditions. Portulaca, commonly known as moss roses take the heat better than most - in fact, the hotter it gets, the better they like it. Indigenous to Southern Africa with bright single or double flowers they bloom freely in all colours. Fairly low growing, they make ideal flowerbed and hanging basket fillers growing well in poor, sandy or gravelly soils, as long as it drains well. Most importantly they need a sunny home.


Flowering in full sun to semi-shade the dramatic Saliva are incredible value for money. Salvia comes in a range of colours not only the traditional red but now the white, salmon and purple tones have extended the range. Extremely water wise and hardy they flower until the first frost next winter – incredible value for money.

We know that once you have grown a bed of Salvia you will do so every year!! When planting them add some BioGanic to the soil to boost their early growth and also consider putting down some cutworm bait just to prevent any casualties.

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