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Water retention granules work!
Water retention
granules work!

Waterwise gardening has become a way of life and is the environmentally right thing to do. We simply have to find ways to grow stuff with less water. Water wise gardening is not just about, not watering it's about getting the most out of the water you do have.

We've put our thinking cap on and come up with our top tips to make it easier for everyone.


Water early mornings before 6am and late evenings after 6pm. Watering through the heat of the day looses water to evaporation fast and plants don't benefit as much. A bucket in the shower or from the bath will save more water than you think. Use it to water the plants on the patio. Just remember Grey Water from the house can't be used on the veggie garden.


Plants that have similar water requirements should be planted together. If you have succulents planted with similar low water users it makes sense to add similar rather than to add something in-between that needs more as it's then wasted on the succulents.

Hydrozoning is also growing plants on the right spot. Impatiens will grow in afternoon sun but will need water twice a day. Plant them in dappled shade and they will only need water every second day.


Deep watering less frequently keeps the shrubs and perennials stronger and more resilient. If you let the garden or containers dry out too much you use more water to rehydrate than if you maintain moisture levels


Feed with organic fertilisers such as BioGanic and BioOcean. They make plants tougher naturally and you need to water less and the leaves more resilient to temperature extremes. Slow release so they won't burn and can handle sporadic watering.


Showcase special plants or colour in containers to make it easier to maintain. Our tip is to add Water Retention Granules to help especially smaller containers and hanging baskets stay damp longer.

Layer it up:

With Mulch! By mulching around plants it helps regulate the temperature of the soil to assist roots and it also helps retain moisture for longer. Use bark chips, pebbles compost or Bagged Mulch to add the all important layer.

Don't be a drip:

Make sure the hose fittings are tight and the taps shut properly and don't drip. A hosepipe is not for watering paving or washing the hose down. Use it to water the garden!

Mulch save so much water and protects the soil
Mulch save so much water
and protects the soil
Impatiens are water wise planted in the right spot
Impatiens are water wise
planted in the right spot


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