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October in Gauteng is the most beautiful month as the weather settles and everything just grows. Besides being the time of the year when roses flush and summer perennials bloom it is also our Birthday month! Celebrate the start of summer with some great special offers in all departments and our super Birthday Weekend - Two days only - bonus sale.



October is also time for Alstromeria, commonly known as the Inca lily, which originates from South America. They will tolerate part-shade but perform best in full sun in a cool garden in well-drained soil. They flower through summer if kept dead headed and will last for ages as a cut flower. Feed them with Multifeed Classic every 2-3 weeks as the flowers open and mulch with compost at the end of summer. The dwarf variety Princess has become one of the best sellers in the range perfect for small gardens and container gardening. As part of the Emerald Collection R1 from each plant sold goes to Child Welfare SA.


Lollipops for the garden

With the burst of growth after spring most topiary plants loose a bit of shape this time of the year. Shape your lollipops and topiaries with a light trim with a hedge shear. When shaping, don’t cut all the new growth off, keep some of the fresh growth to keep your plant looking rejuvenated. Younger lollipops that are still staked will also need a bit of help.

The spring flush will also mean that the stems have grown and the ties that secure the plant need to be loosened and redone. If the tie has cut into the stem move it to a different position above the wound to stop that spot from becoming a weak spot. When you are trimming a young lollipop cut them more regularly in the first years till the final size is reached. Don’t leave them to grow to the final size too quickly. This will make it them stronger and less likely to need a stake. Once trimmed always feed afterwards to stimulate new growth.


Bounceback organic fertiliser has a NEW brother

Neutrog fertiliser introduces a new product to the range this month. Seamungus is a soil & plant conditioner which has undergone a composting process specifically developed to stabilise the nutrients, maximise nutrient availability and with the inclusion of seaweed it contains naturally occurring growth stimulants along with a wide range of other essential elements.

Seamungus also increases the ability of the soil to retain moisture and importantly stimulates root growth. Ideal as a general fertiliser and for organically grown herbs and veggies Seamungus is bound to be a best seller.

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