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Autumn is natures planting time and if your friends only garden and grow stuff in spring and summer they are really missing out. Many plants look great this time of the year and there are so many ideas of different things to grow.
Out list includes clipped Westringia, Fall Chrysanth's, and Correa as well Aloes but with so many more instore. It’s time to get stuck in and add some new layers to the autumn garden.


Westringia balls
Westringia balls
Fall Chrysanth’s to celebrate the season
Fall Chrysanth's to
celebrate the season


Colourful Fall Chrysanth's

Many of us grew up with Fall Chrysanth’s or Garden Mums indoors as a easy colour option to celebrate the autumn season, not only as a houseplant but as instant colour on the patio that’ll last right through autumn. Indoors they are best in a bright spot and they don’t like to be overwatered so keep them on the slightly dry side. In the meaning of flowers they represent happiness, love, longevity and joy. We think that makes them a perfect addition to an Easter gift too.


We clip Westringia

With a similar growth habit to rosemary the Westringia cover in a white flower in summer and for the rest og the year stand out because of their textured grey leaf. In the garden the Westringia need well drained soil as they do not like to be water logged. In a container they do exceptionally well as long as they are in full sun. Easy to clip to shape we love the new trend of shaping them into perfect balls.


Correa White Bells

Eckards introduced the White Correa a few years ago and they remain popular especially in autumn which is their flowering time. Covering in small creamy white bell shaped flowers they have a two tone grey leaf. Best in sun to half sun they are hardy and add interest to the landscape. Tough and waterwise adds to their appeal and are well suited to container gardening.


Correa White Bells planted at our entrance
Correa White Bells
planted at our entrance
Grass Aloes grow tall
Grass Aloes grow tall


Grass Aloes

Many of the Aloes start to bud and get ready to flower through winter now in autumn. To help them set the best buds we recommend feeding them now with BioOcean to give them just what they need to perform their best. The Grass Aloes also known as Aloe Cooperi do not have a trunk or stem like most aloes but shoots out from the ground grass like. They flower in autumn and look particularly striking when planted in groupings between tufted and long grasses to poke their flower heads through.


Salvia Patens Blue for butterflies
Salvia Patens Blue for
Indigenous cape mallow
Indigenous cape mallow


Cape Mallow

The Anisodontea Cape Mallow is a nonstop flowering small shrub for a sunny spot. They only last for about two to three years but are well worth planting. The tiny pink hibiscus like flowers, attract loads of bees and pollinators making them very good to have for your gardens ecosystem. Indigenous to South Africa they are water wise and easy to grow.


Salvia Paten’s blue

Plants for pollinators are all the rage and rightly so. Salvia is well known for attracting bees but the new Blue Salvia Paten Butterfly is particularly good to attract butterflies to the garden. Continuously in flower it creates a small spreading perennial about a meter high. Shades of blue flowers from cobalt blue buds make it particularly attractive. It’s not a neat and tidy perennial but that’s part of its charm for sure.


Feed the whole garden

Autumn is one of the most important times of the year to feed your garden and container plants. This restores the balance of nutrients which are leached away after all the summer rain and supports growth on all the winter growing plants. Remember that most plants even though they are not pushing out new leaves in winter still have the roots growing. Stronger roots through winter gives you an earlier flush in spring and generally healthier plants. Feeding the entire garden can general fertiliser to promote growth on newly planted annuals and bulbs is just as important this time of the year.

Plant all the new shrubs with BioRock is the best way to ensure strong roots. A good feeding with BioGanic organic pellets will provide the garden with all the nutrients it needs to get through to early winter. Organic fertiliser is particularly relevant in the colder gardens as it encourages stronger, thicker cell walls to help withstand the upcoming winter months.

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