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Organic fertilisers are not only food for plants they are good for the environment too. Organic fertilisers use less water, don’t leach into underground water and help the all-round biodiversity of your garden too.
If you are a new gardener or an experienced hand there is always something to learn or find useful. If you are still using the same chemical fertilisers as your parents or what you used ten years ago then it’s time to change the way you think about feeding the garden. Technology and information changes and using the correct fertiliser simplifies your gardening experience and gives you the best results.


The Nourish range are water soluble
The Nourish range are
water soluble
Organic fertilisers are slow release
Organic fertilisers
are slow release


Organic fertilisers bind with the soil and by nature are slow release.  Binding with the soil is how they don’t leach out finding their way into underground water and rivers. Feeding with an organic fertiliser is an on-going process and regular applications give the best results. Organic fertilisers are all ideal for everything from tropical gardens to flowering plants and veggies too. Plants grow with stronger structure when fed organically instead of being forced with a chemical fertiliser. This results in plants that are hardier to the elements such as cold or water extremes.

 Always use fertilisers according to directions it will save you money with the same results in the long term.

Healthy plants consist of roots, leaves and flowers. With this quick guide we have listed the most common fertilisers needed to grow the best and most healthy garden.

General Garden Fertiliser

Sometimes you need to feed the whole garden in one go and not focus on specific plants. We recommend the using the following two fertilisers for all purpose feeding. Being organic these fertilisers are safe for the environment and can be used safely used throughout the garden.
BioGanic All Purpose: – Our top selling fertiliser Bio Ganic is 100% organic and environmentally friendly fertiliser. Safely used throughout the garden. Apply across the bed or as a boost per shrub. Reapply every four to six weeks. For veggies or herbs the higher nitrogen levels promote good growth and as an organic using Bio Ganic will lead to better tasting leafy edibles. Bio Ganic will make your garden bounce back after winter, particularly if it was a frosty one.

BioOcean:An organic fertiliser containing seaweed which helps plants absorb the nutrients and will also help with moisture retention in the soil. Water wise, Bio Ocean can be safely used throughout the garden to improve general growth, flowering and plant strength. Apply across the beds or use as a boost per shrub, even suitable for containers. Reapply every four to six weeks. BioOcean is our recommendation for feeding roses as well as fruiting edibles such as lemons or peaches.

Organic Lawn fertiliser

Nothing looks better than healthy lawn the only way to ensure that is to feed with a fertiliser that is higher in nitrogen. Healthy leaves are what we need to improve the air quality we breathe every day as plant leaves absorb the carbon out of the air and provide fresh oxygen for us. It is leaves and plenty of them that we need to offset our carbon footprint.

BioLawn:  Easy to apply and as an organic fertiliser that will not leach out when watered regularly. Bio Ganic Lawn fertiliser will boost growth on application and feed over a longer period as a slow-release fertiliser. Safely used on lawns with irrigation or that are watered less frequently. Apply every six to eight weeks for best results. 5 kg feeds 100m2.


BioOcean will help with water retention too
BioOcean will help
with water retention too
Higher in Nitrogen fertilisers boost leaf growth
Higher in Nitrogen
fertilisers boost leaf growth

Water Soluble Fertiliser
Fertiliser that dissolves in water are the gardeners secret to quick results. The water carries the fertiliser through the soil to the plant roots giving results sooner. It does mean more of a feeding routine but often the results speak for themselves. Particularly for container gardening. Patios and balconies watered with a watering can with added fertiliser will always outshine the neighbours.

Nourish Plant Food: A range of certified organic liquid fertilisers from the Talborne stable, made 100% from plants for plants and available in three different applications. Look out for Nourish Leafy Greens, Nourish Buds Flowers & Fruit as well as the Nourish Multi-Plant in the range. Nourish has been approved for organic growing as well as for organic vegan and vegetarian growing. 50ml per litre of water and used every second week to once a month depending on watering frequency.


A rule of thumb is to not overwater
A rule of thumb is
to not overwater
A ready to Use Contact Insecticide
A ready to Use
Contact Insecticide

Wondersol: Available in two options this is a proudly South African made range of organic fertilisers. Use them as a soil drench or as a foliar feed and is ideal for a wide range of plants. Colour Boost can be used safely for colourful annuals as well as flowering shrubs. Getting the best results from hanging baskets of colour could not be any easier. Add to the water once a week.
All Purpose is the green boosting Wondersol which can be used the same way and is particularly good on herbs and veggies grown in containers.
Pokon Organic: A premium brand of organic fertiliser there are a number of options in the Pokon range. We have had incredible results with the BIO Organic diluted in a watering can and used every six to eight weeks. High in nitrogen it is a great option to re-green a plant or to boost veggies or succulents.

Strong Roots

By always using a planting fertiliser that will give you the strong development of roots give you the best results. Roots are the foundation that carries the rest of the plant for its lifetime so even though you don’t see them you see the results of strong roots.
BioRock: Bio Rock Root Builder is a complete planting fertiliser that will stimulate root growth as well as starter fertiliser for young plants to establish. Use a closed handful per shrub or rose as you plant or spread it at a rate of about a handful per square meter when preparing soil for planting seedlings.

Bone Meal: Bone meal is an organic phosphate that won’t get into underground water, staying close to the roots of newly planted plants. Use about one handful per shrub into the hole as you plant. Roots grow slower but stronger with Bone Meal but be careful as dogs often dig looking for the bones you buried! If you have dogs rather use an alternative fertiliser for planting.


Organic lawn fertiliser uses less water
Organic lawn fertiliser
uses less water
Made in South Africa Water soluble Colour Boost
Made in South Africa
Water soluble Colour Boost
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