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Flowering all summer into autumn
Flowering all summer
into autumn

The most popular of all the shade flowers for summer are Impatiens. In 2007 the dreaded mildew disease struck and the breeders had to come up with a common impatiens that is disease hardy. They are finally here! The Beacon Impatiens will give the same cascading show as the old impatiens and are billed as being extremely disease resistant.

With the same growth habit as the common impatiens the Beacon impatiens will cascade and hang over the edge of hanging baskets and containers. Covering in flowers one will be hard pressed to find anything more rewarding for a shady spot. They grow to a height of 25-30cm and when planted in the garden they create a mounded colour ball and will flower from October right through to April/May the following year, making them incredible value for money.

Be Water Wise

Great for hanging baskets and containers
Great for hanging baskets
and containers

To grow the best impatiens there are a few tips to bear in mind. Impatiens love water and need to be kept well watered through summer. If one plants them in a spot that gets too much sun one will have to water them way too much. Be #WaterWise and plant them in the best suited position where you only need to water them once a day or every second day. Best in semi-shade or morning sun they spread to cover the ground in a blaze of colour.

Boost the blooms

Fertilising is the best way to grow the best. We recommend planting them with BioOcean organic pellets to give a more long term boost. Containers soon lose their luster as one starts to water more frequently with the spring heat. Feed containers at least every two weeks and hanging baskets every week with a water soluble fertiliser such as Multifeed Flowergro for best results.

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