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Christmas at EckardsGet your garden entertainment ready or simply save when buying your garden inspired gift. Three days ONLY! Don't miss out on our Double point's long-weekend 16 to 18 December! For our electronic Eckards Club Card holders only, take advantage to boost your points and claim your rewards on something special.

Gifts for the garden and home are always special and we have some great gift ideas instore. Christmas at Eckards is always a fun starting with our Christmas shop full of great décor items. We have loads of great gardening gifts for kids, grannies, grandpas, mom's and dad so if you have a green fingered family member or friend we have some ideas for you!


The Eckards Bird Bar

Bird seed bells make easy gifts for bird loversThere is so much to choose from our bird bar. The seed bells are an easy gift for bird lovers but come in and have a look at the fun range of feeders and accessories. The nectar feeder and syrup will attract nectar loving birds like the Honey Birds while the new pudding feeder with bird pudding will attract a wide range of birds, the Bulbuls love it in my garden. For stocking fillers we recommend suet blocks or balls - once they go out into the garden the birdlife increases as the work gets out that that is where the treats are!


Colourful hanging baskets

Fuchsias in hanging baskets are greatDecember into January is a wonderful time for colourful hanging baskets. Whether it the stunning Sunpatiens or gorgeous Fuchsias a hanging basket always draws attention and they are such an easy gift to give or receive. We have increased our selection for the holidays - just remember they need daily watering this time of the year and regular feeding with Multifeed classic.



Tropical Flamingo Lilies last for agesChristmas and Poinsettias go hand in hand but have a look at some of the different indoor gifts on hand. We love the Flamingo Lilies in shades of pink red or purple. As a gift they are great, needing little to no water over the next few weeks and they last for ages often flowering continuously for months. The beautiful Moth Orchids are also a great gift - add some orchid food to alternate watering and they will also be in flower for two to three months at a time.

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