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The end of our treed neighbourhoods!

Over the next year or two we will see a vast number of trees die in our neighbourhood as a result of the Shot Hole Borer Beetles referred to as PSHB.
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Aloes for pollinators and birds

Most Aloes are suited to hot dry positions but will grow in any garden where they get a lot of sun and are planted in well drained soil. We love winter aloes because this is when they flower in striking tones of yellow through orange to red and the nectar from the aloe flowers attract many of the nectar loving birds.
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Getting Potty

Containers are the easiest way to layer your garden or patio with your favourite plants. Container gardening is part of nesting and cocooning when you read the trend analysts have to say. It’s also the collector’s friend with many succulents and herbs shown off to their best. Using the correct soil in your containers is the key.
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Attracting Birds to your Garden

Gardening for the birds and how to attract more birds to the garden is one of the most popular additions to having a garden for many. As the winter cold sets in, by supplementing their food you can do your bit to help them survive as the city becomes colder, drier and the food sources get less.
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