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Grow the Best - White Correa Bells

White CorreaAutumn flowering Correa has become a real favorite in SA with its white bell shaped flowers. They are very easy to grow as a hardy evergreen that is not affected by frost or even drought. Versatile Correa are ideal on the patio or balcony doing well in containers and handling wind and all the extremes of living a few floors up.

Originating in Australia Correa has become very popular because they are so hardy. They will handle extreme weather with ease and will even grow with the damaging salt spray from the ocean... not so much of an issue for us in Gauteng!

Bell shaped Correa flowers in autumnGrowing in full sun is what one would expect from their grey leaves but what makes these plants most useful in the garden is their tolerance of shade. They grow in quite shaded conditions, but will flower more heavily in a sunny spot.

They flower right through autumn covering in buds and the creamy white almost fuchsia shaped bell flowers. After flowering clip them to shape and the plants will become denser. Extremely versatile Correa forms a fantastic hedge or ball, so clip it to shape.

When planting them either as a shrub or as a clipped shape, dig a hole at least 2 times the size of the original container or bag. Next mix 1 part compost to the excavated soil with a handful of Bone Meal to stimulate root strong roots. Add a handful of BioGanic to encourage good growth. Insert the plant, mound the soil slightly and mulch with an additional layer of compost as a mulch.

Basic care

Correa are well suited to container livingThere is no regular maintenance required growing Correa. Although they are water wise they will be a lot fuller if they receive regular watering.
Although not hungry plants, feeding them with BioGanic or 3:2:1 fertiliser regularly through the summer months will encourage more growth, which will add to the overall impact of the plant when it flowers the next autumn.