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Grow the Best - Water Wise Gazanias

Gazanias flower spring to autumnGazania species are grown for their brilliant colours in the late spring and are often in bloom throughout the summer well into autumn. Named after a 15th century Greek-Italian scholar Theodorus of Gaza, Gazanias are one of the most popular indigenous plants not just in South Africa but around the world.

The ultimate water wise and environmental warrior plant, Gazanias will also attract butterflies and bees to the garden and thrive on a little neglect. Gazania plant care does not involve much of anything, other than watering. They have green or grey leathery leaves and too many flower colours to mention. Some varieties are clumping and others are spreading which means that there is a Gazania perfect for any garden or patio planter.


Gazanias do best in well drained soil. Soil that has high clay content holds to much water and they will die off quite quickly in the rainy season. A light fertilising of bone meal at planting with a little compost will give them a good start. If planting them in a container make sure that the container drains well and that you use potting soil, not garden soil. Garden soil in a container goes hard or wont drain and the plants will suffer.


Some petals even look paintedWater sparingly and in the rainy months try keep them as dry as possible. If you over water them they will die which is why they are the ultimate #WaterWise plant. Although they’re drought resistant, expect more and bigger blooms when you water.


Gazanias are not hungry plants. Once a summer a feeding with BioGanic organic fertiliser is all they need. If one overfeeds one will find that they get more and more leaves and less flowers. In containers feed them with Multifeed Flowergro once a month to maintain flowering as in a container nutrients are washed out with regular watering.



Grey leaves make a contrast against rust flowers #WaterWise and #Bee friendly