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October at Eckards is rose monthOctober at Eckards is rose month, roses provide colour to the garden and home for months at a time making them a must have in a low maintenance garden. During October roses give their first flush and signal the start of summer.

Always popular Hybrid Teas are known for the size of the single bloom and are generally more fragrant and last longer in the vase. Floribunda roses have multiple blooms on a stem and are used more for colour in the garden. Modern roses are not difficult to grow and if you follow our simple tips you can easily grow the best roses.

Roses need full sun to half-day sun. If they get too much shade you will find that they do not flower as well and the growth is stretched. There are literally thousands of roses to choose from every year. With new breeding methods, stronger, free flowering and disease hardier roses are being developed.

Our top tips to grow the best roses:

  • Water roses less frequently but more thoroughly.
    Light daily watering encourages surface roots and weak growth as well as making the conditions perfect for disease.
    Mulch around the base with a layer of compost to help retain moisture and improve the condition of the soil.
  • Roses flower on new growth so feeding is important.
    Sudden Impact organic rose food is a simple easy way to feed every six to eight weeks. Being organic it is slow release and it also promotes stronger growth that is more disease resistant and flowers that are tougher with more intense colour that last longer. Keep deadheading the old flowers as this encourages new growth and more flowers.
  • Spray with insecticides only when needed.
    Ladybirds love roses, in particular the aphids on the roses. By spraying too soon or unnecessarily you could kill them off when they could easily be part of you biological control. When you have to spray, Rosecare is a simple easy to use product that is a combination insecticide and fungicide. It controls the most common problem on roses as a contact spray.

Tried and tested stalwarts in the 2010 rose selection:

Just Joey is a particularly special large bloom in tones of apricot. Free flowering and almost always sells out it has become so popular. Double Delight with its two tone flowers of white with a red purple trim is still one of the world’s most popular roses.

In South Africa many roses are named after famous celebrities but the blue rose Madiba is particularly special. Slight fragrance and soft colour makes this a special rose just like the man himself.

Elegant - Madiba Nostalgic -Double Delight Opulent - Just Joey