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Grow the best - Azaleas

Rewarding Azaleas

Rhododendron known more popularly as Evergreen Azaleas are a must in any garden because of their abundance of flowers! Very few shrubs flower so profusely that one can hardly see the leaves.
In modern gardens they are extremely versatile and suit any style of garden. Azaleas can be clipped to form shade hedges or balls and as lollipops they add instant height in small spaces. In more romantic gardens they add a graceful texture as foreground shrubs and are quite spectacular if planted on mass.




Plants should preferably not be in full sun. The best position is morning sun, afternoon shade or dappled all day. Deep shade is not recommended as it stretches the leaves and results in few flowers. Plant in a generous hole and include a handful of 2:3:4 Fertiliser or organic Bone Meal and compost.
Azaleas prefer a slightly acid soil which is achieved by planting with Acid Compost and again applying the acid compost as mulch will help you grow the best azaleas.


Save water by adding a layer of Mulch frequently around the base of your plants. For Azaleas particularly in summer, watering is an important thing to do. If mulched well, the soil will be moist and relatively cool, but regular watering is still required and they should not be allowed to dry out at all when in bud or flower. Azaleas planted near trees will need extra water as they have a shallow root system and the competition from the trees can leave them short.


Especially in the growing season once flowering has finished the plants need to be fertilised. To stimulate strong growth after flowering feed with organic BioOcean. Then though the rest of summer feed once a month with Colourburst Azalea food, a water soluble food that helps to maintain the acid levels best for optimum growth. Regular applications of Iron Chelate and Trelmix will keep the leaves from turning a veined yellow which is a sign of an iron and trace element shortage in the soil around the Azaleas.


#WaterWise gardeners mulch. Mulching is the best thing for a good growth and fine flowers! It keeps the soil cool in summer, it keeps the soil moist so you don't have to water as frequently and it stimulates earthworms and microorganisms to do their work and decompose the mulch material to give the nutrients out of it. The best thing to use as mulch on azaleas is Acid Compost which also helps to keep the soil acidity higher and you can also use decorative Bark Chips as an alternative. When feeding with Bio Ocean you can feed over the mulch and it will work its own way down.