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Grow the best - Icebergs, South Africa's most popular rose


Icebergs - The most popular rose in SAThe Iceberg Rose, is one of the best pure white roses that you can grow. A constant bloomer, producing clusters of flowers, it is as popular today as it was over 50 years ago when it was first released in 1958. In fact in 1983, this rose was voted the world’s most popular rose Iceberg is a prolific bloomer that is simply great in the garden. It looks wonderful in mass plantings and combines well with other colour roses. Iceberg is a floribunda variety and it is not too fussy when it comes to looking after it. It has also become SA’s most popular rose because it is easy to grow and flowers so readily.




The other thing that makes this rose a winner is the fact that if you have less sun Iceberg Roses can get by and blooms real well with only 4 hours of sun. Of all roses it is the most shade tolerant variety. The upright bush is very vigorous and bushy, growing up to 2 meters in height. Another reason we like iceberg roses is that they seem to attract bees more than many other roses.


Burgundy Iceberg

The same great landscape performance in every way! This stunning Burgundy colour has terrific flower production on a bushy plant, with the same great foliage as classic Iceberg roses. The colour is deep purple red with a cream reverse. It is in almost constant bloom, giving you big clusters of blossoms for weeks.

Pink Iceberg

Brilliant Pink Iceberg is also a sport of the white iceberg. The petals are so pretty, they almost look painted. The colour is a deep pink and cream with the same growth habit as white Iceberg, with great flower production and hardiness, a wonderful Floribunda!

Pruning and feeding

Feed your Iceberg roses with Sudden Impact every month for even stronger growth and disease hardiness. Even though they need little feeding if you do they are even stronger and by using an organic food you find the leaves are tougher making them less susceptible to rose beetle attack and black spot through late summer. Iceberg flowers right through to July when it is time to prune them. Many gardeners don’t prune them but we find that this shortens the lifespan of the plant. When you prune them you simply cut them back by a third and cut out any dead wood. It’s as easy as that no need to stress over where to cut and which angle to cut you just get in and clean them up. Summer pruning takes place as you deadhead the plants. By deadheading you encourage more flowers sooner and you can also keep the plant in shape, simple cut stems back but not below the foliage – there must still be leaves on the branches when you have cut.