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Grow the best Winter Herbs

Herbs are easy to grow, even in the smallest spaces. In South Africa we can grow herbs well for most of the year with Basil as one exception. In colder areas Basil won't thrive through winter and is best grown in summer. To grow herbs well they need good drainage and they need lots of sun, at least four hours a day. Good fertilising helps to produce lots of leaf, essential when leaves are constantly being removed and regular watering must be carried out if you want to produce the best crop from your garden.


Thyme is a hardy herb appealing to the senses, even if you don't use it in cooking; it gives a wonderful smell when crushed. It makes a small, bushy pot plant and the more the leaves are picked the better it does. An infusion, especially of lemon-scented thyme, helps relieve coughs and colds. Thyme is also an excellent anti-oxidant and tonic, supporting the body's normal functions, building the immune system and countering the effects of aging.

Oregano is one of the more robust winter herbs, easily withstanding winter frost but liking full sun. The more you harvest the better it grows. It has a strong aromatic taste ideal for rich winter food. An infusion of oregano can be used to treat coughs, tiredness and irritability.

A herb garden is not complete without Parsley the Italian Flat-Leaf Parsley and the African Curley-Leaf Parsley can both be grown in winter and this tasty leaf should be included in every herb garden. Parsley grows easily grown in a container and the soil should be kept moist. Rich in vitamins, parsley also has anti-oxidant properties that neutralise cancer-promoting agents. Build your immune system by eating fresh parsley each day. Always pick the outer leaves, and extend the plant's life by cutting off the flowering head.

Sorrel is another herb that is not commonly grown but makes a wonderful addition to soup. Rosemary is also a winter hardy shrub that makes an excellent dwarf hedge. There are many other herbs also suited to our winter climate and we are bringing in fresh supplies weekly, look out for different and unusual varieties to spice up your winter cooking.

Parsley grows well in a small container Herbs are good companion plants and can be planted close together