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Grow the best - Screening

Consider shrubs for screening. Shrubs make very effective dividers that can separate areas of a garden or screen you from neighbours or a busy road. Shrubs can be grown at various heights and whether you choose to hedge them or grow them more naturally shaped they are a great option as a vertical garden and can be selected to suit any style. Select you shrub by considering the amount of sun, flowering or foliage colour and whether you want to shape it.



By selecting a single variety the row will blend into the background and also lead the eye away from them, perfect if you want to not draw attention to what they are screening. If you opt for a screen that has a variety of different shrubs the eye is drawn to them and can add interest as well as depth to your garden.

Some patience is required in starting screen plantings but the time is worth it for the beautiful result. Plant screens are low cost compared to fencing and walls. Whether you like flowers, evergreens, interesting colour features or other characteristics with a little planning and imagination you can achieve your vision


Mahonia lomariifolia

One always sees the same plants around for screening but every now and then there is something different that comes back on the market. Mahonia is one of those. It is a large upright growing shrub up to 9 meters high with large holly like leaves. They also cover in yellow flowers that are striking on the tips of the branches which are followed by berries that turn a deep purple and hang like grapes attracting a wide range of birds particularly the Bulbuls.


They originate in the east and lend an unusual texture to the garden and can be used as a screen or a focus plant. If you thin them out as they grow you can shape them into a beautiful accent plant creating something quite unusual.

 Dodonaea angustifolia

Also known as the Hop Bush, Dodonea is a hardy shrub or small tree growing around 4 meters high. Through late summer established plants flower with unusual pale green to greenish yellow. The seeds are a pale green tinged pale brown or coral pink. Use them as a medium height hedge where regular trimming keeps them looking bright green and lush even in winter.



 Photinia Red Robin

Photinia is a popular evergreen shrub with glossy green leaves, white flowers and young red shoots. Photinia is very versatile and ideal as a specimen shrub or as a fast-growing and dense evergreen hedge in full sun to semi-shade. Photinia require minimal pruning but will benefit from the occasional trim in spring and summer to keep the shape of the plant under control. If you plant them as a hedge, remove the tips of young shoots to encourage bright red re-growth.