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Grow the Best - Primroses

Yellow Primroses have a sweet fragrancePrimula acaulis are most well known as English Primroses. Related to the popular primula or fairy primula, a much loved winter shade bedding plant. The English primroses are compact growing and colours range from yellow, to red, pink, white, even mauve and blue.

Centuries old the original Primroses are surrounded by folklore which makes them even more special. English Primroses are a symbol of first love and also of purity because they flower so abundantly and always look bright and fresh. They are also said to attract fairies into the garden.

Incredibly versatile to grow, apply liquid fertiliser Multifeed once every fortnight over the growing and flowering season and deadhead regularly to encourage flowering.

White Primroses will show up in the night garden when moonlitPrimroses tolerate a variety of garden conditions. They are best grown in moist well drained soil. Plant them in light shade to semi-shade as too much sun is not tolerated well by primroses, excessive heat will prematurely end their flowering season. They will also flower indoors for a few weeks if in a cool bright room but must be planted outside to further.

The plants grow about 15cm tall and wide with relatively large leaves in rounded clumps and work well planted as a mass display as a carpet of colour. The colours all go together which is why we call a mixed planting of primroses a rainbow of primroses. They can be used to complement in exciting container arrangement or to provide a bright spot of colour to a shady garden.

If you feed regularly and keep deadheading the spent flowers they will flower till early November or until the heat gets too much for them.

Blue toned Zebra is a special Hybrid
The Red Primroses are vibrant
Some flowers can look dusted with icing sugar!