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Grow the best Oriental Moth Orchids - Phalaenopsis

Aftercare: Once your orchid has finished flowering cut the stem about 2cm below the first bloom. Sometimes a branch will emerge with more blooms from one of the nodes on the stem. If nothing happens in 6-8 weeks, cut the flower stem all the way back. A new spike will form after its resting period. To re-bloom place your orchid near a south window or somewhere in the house where it's warm during the day and cool at night. A difference between night and day is required to stimulate flowering.

Re-potting: If your plant is showing a lot of roots, whether inside or outside the pot, you know it's about time to re-pot your orchid. However, only re-pot it if it's not in bloom. When choosing a new pot remember that most orchids like to be root-bound. Clean the roots and cut the dead ones off. Try to avoid hurting the healthy root tips when you re-pot your orchid, just gently wrapped the roots with new sphagnum moss or with orchid mix.