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Grow the best - Mandevilla

Mandevilla Alice du Pont are also known as DipladeniaMandevilla also known as Dipladenia or Brazilian Jasmine are simply wonderful additions to any garden. These climbing perennials come from Central and South America which is why they love the heat. They actually grow wild in the hills above Rio de Janeiro. They have showy, trumpet shaped flowers which are sometimes very fragrant and come in colours of red, white and shades of pink. The hotter it gets, the more these plants flower. They are most spectacular in summer but will continue to have some flowers throughout the year.

There are three common Types. The most common is Mandevilla Sundaville, which is an evergreen with leathery glossy leaves. The trumpet shaped flowers in are compact and cluster all along the stems and comes in all different shades of pink to the red and white. As compact growers they can be used to cascade over a container edge or up a small topiary frame.

Pink Sundaville MandevillaAn old fashioned favourite the Mandevilla X Alice du Pont, has dark green leaves that are larger and coarser in texture with tendrils that allow the plant to grow taller, up to 3 meters high. The very bright, hot pink flowers that grow up to 5cm across make a striking statement. This particular species does very well up a trellis or pole where the flowers just dominate the show.
Mandevilla White Star is the most fragrant species. Not always available these Mandevilla, which actually hail from Argentina, cover in white flowers through summer. They have a glossy leaf and are a bushy climber up a trellis.

Where to put it:

  • Mandevilla is best planted in a sunny spot or at the least half-day sun. They can easily be trained to climb up a frame or trellis making them ideal container specimens on a patio where they can also be trained up a pergola. They are fast growers which is awesome but are semi-tender to frost so be careful that they are not in a spot where they can get hit by black frost.

Grow Mandevilla in full to half-day sunWatering and feeding:

  • They need good drainage, overwatering can lead to less flowers and the plant dying. The tuber- like roots, which are very efficient at holding water, are likely to rot if they remain too wet for any length of time.

Feeding is essential. In containers alternate feeding with Nitrosol and Multifeed Classic for best results. Feed them every second week through the warmer months. In the garden bed feed them with Sudden Impact for Roses/Flowers every six to eight weeks throughout the year.

Bugs and pests:

  • Watch out for aphids clustering on the new shoots in spring and summer. If the plants are not fed regularly or are under stress they might get red spider but that is less common on the glossy leaf varieties.
    Scale insects can also be troublesome but these are easily sorted with Garden Ripcord