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Grow the Best - Fuchsias

Fuchsias are also called ballerina flowers because the flowers look like the beautiful dancers in tutus and gowns in all the shade of pink white and purple. The beauty of fuchsia flowers might lead you to believe that they are sun - lovers, but this is not true. The ideal conditions for fuchsias are sun in the morning or semi-shade all day. Strong midday sun stresses the plants and is best avoided. In particular, many of the light and white coloured blooms will be affected if exposed to too much sun.


  • There are many different varieties.
    Fuchsias have been hybridised over the years and there are as many varieties as there are in the rose family. Some are more upright and are suited for standards or small shrubs in the garden while some of the most popular varieties are the dwarf and cascading varieties, well suited for containers and hanging baskets.
  • The best fuchsias are ones which are regularly watered and fed weekly with a liquid fertiliser.
    Multifeed Flowergro is high in potassium which will produce the best flowers, but an all purpose fertiliser does the job just as well. A mulch of compost around the plant will go a long way to preserve moisture and provide nutrients.
  • Once a fuchsia is established, very few pests and disease attack them.
    During the early stages of development though, they are prone to a few pests and diseases. Two key weapons in attacking fuchsia pests and diseases before they attack are cleanliness and moisture. Many fuchsia pests thrive in dry conditions - to avoid this, spray the plants with a mist of water as often particularly on very hot days.  Fuchsias like air movement, plant them where they move in the wind. This cools them down and also makes it harder for insects to take hold.
  • Fuchsias can flower all year.
    Fuchsias flower on new wood, which is basically the new growth. As a fuchsia grows it constantly produces new flowers and can easily flower all year if left. The more young branches there are, the more flowers you will get. To encourage a fuchsia to produce young branches, pinch out the growing points where they have more than two sets of leaves.
Grow the Best Fuchsias Grow the Best Fuchsias Grow the Best Fuchsias