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All New – Try the Sky Blue BUZZThis fantastic new dwarf Buddleja Buzz is an exciting take on an old favourite. They are also known as the Buzz Butterfly Bush because they attract butterflies like crazy into the garden. The Butterfly Bush is excellent for planting in a mixed garden bed behind shorter plants to add height and interest. They have full-sized, graceful, tapering flower spikes on a shorter, more compact plant. They flower almost the whole year and are delightfully scented. They are perfect as a cut flower and produce so many flowers; you can always have more than enough for the garden and the table.




The New BUZZ Butterfly bush

Because BUZZ varieties are smaller and better branching, they are also ideal in containers either alone or mixed with other plants. They are easy to grow in a medium size container with good drainage and Culterra potting soil. They prefer a full-sun location and will bloom best in a container when fertilised with Multifeed Classic every two weeks.

All NEW the dwarf Buddleja – BUZZ – Available in three different colours at Eckards

Because BUZZ Butterfly Bushes literally cover themselves with flowers, they do like to be fed and regular watering during hot and dry weather to prevent wilting. Removing spent flower spikes will make for tidy-looking plants and keep new flowers coming. If they grow larger than you would like, you can simply cut the plants back and they will quickly regrow and begin blooming again.

Ivory BUZZ flowers on mass

Velvet BUZZ looks luxurious