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Grow the Best - Indigenous African Daisies

Namac or African Daisies – Easy bright colour!Namaqualand is renowned for its annual mass display of wild flowers and each spring thousands of people travel to Namaqualand to see them. These impressive fields of colour are made up of numerous small plants but are mainly dominated by daisies, grown for years in our Gauteng gardens as Namaqualand Daisies also known as African Daisies.

These beautiful African Daisy flowers are perfect for growing in sunny dry spots needing little water after germination. With a height of around 30cm and in flower in just 9 weeks after planting they are a wonderful addition to the winter garden. Needing very little in the line of fertiliser or soil preparation it could not be easier to plant African Daisies.

  • Did you know that the term Daisy comes from the ancient Saxon term "Day's eye" referring to a flower opening during the day to show its "eye" and then closing at night?

Namaqualand Daisies they grow to about a foot high. A mass show of large daisies in shades of yellow, orange, salmon or white with a brown centre is unrivalled in spring.

Why are they so easy to grow? The flowers of Namaqualand have been naturally selected for their ability to survive in a somewhat hostile environment. The climate is arid, the soil is sandy and the coastal parts of this region are cool but the inland areas are very hot and dry in summer.

How to plant them:

Needing very little in the line of fertiliser or soil preparation it could not be easier to plant African Daisies. Simply break the surface of the soil with a rake and rake level. Scatter seeds and run the rake over the area again, covering the seed with a thin layer of soil as you rake them in. You will still see some seeds when finished but don't worry that's ok they will cover once you add water. Water daily till germinated and then once germinated you can water once a week to every ten days.

White African Daisies are make a show

Look out for other indigenous daisies like Bokbaaivygies

Sow some awesome indigenous colour

More indigenous options:

Look out for more varieties of indigenous seed to be planted now. The Bokbaaivygie and Gazanias other daisy flowers we love as are the Felicia and for more of a country look, try a pack of Namaqualand Mixed Flowers which combines all of them in one pack.