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Grow the Best - Colourful Cordylines

New varieties of Cordylines are perfect for containersDuring the late eighties Cordyline Australis also known as Dragon palms were all the rage and were one of the favourites for tropical garden themes which at the time was the newest trend. Today Cordylines have seen a revival as gardens have become smaller and new varieties have been bred providing height and interest without taking up much space.

Growing with soft spiky foliage, Cordylines are hardy, water wise form plants originating from New Zealand. The most well known Cordylines are the tall growing traditional green varieties which lose their leaves from the base as they grow. This gives them a tufted dragon head of foliage on a single, rarely branched, straight stem, hence the name Dragon Palm.

Pink new shoots on Cordyline SunriseNew varieties have recently been introduced with colourful foliage which adds interest to the landscape and makes them extremely versatile in modern gardening trends. The newer varieties are well suited to containers where their architectural shape can be modern or classic depending on the style of your home. The newest variety is the green and cream striped Cordyline Torbay Dazzler featured above.

Cordyline Sunrise

The pink colours of the Sunrise are particularly striking. The colour intensifies in the sun but the leaves are slightly broader in semi-shade. Growing only a few meters tall they are particularly well suited for planting on patios and in atrium gardens.

New! Cordyline Cha Cha

NEW! Colour changing Cordyline Cha ChaThe variegated foliage of the Cha Cha is a great contrast in semi-shade. As the leaves mature they change colour so one has a combination of pink shades with yellow tones turning green on variegated leaves. Grow them as a focal point in a container or use them to add interest in a mixed arrangement. Best colours are when it is grown in half day sun.

Cordyline Red Fountain

Cordyline Red fountain has burgundy leavesPlanting plants with contrasting foliage will make both stand out and more striking. Red Fountain will grow in full sun and will branch to give added interest and character. Well suited for group plantings or on either side of a doorway or entrance in a container makes this a very special variety indeed.

Cordyline Electric Pink and Electric Star

The Electric Pink has bright pink edges which intensify in colour in light shade. Whereas the Electric Star has a plum leaf edged in green which does best in a full sun spot. The variegated leaves are a great contrast to many of the yellow leafed plants we see in gardens today. Growing to around two meters they also are ideal in narrow gardens where you need a break against the wall when looking trough a picture window.

Cordyline Electric Pink has pink edges The Cordyline Electric Star has plum and green variegation