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Calla Lilies

Calla LiliesOne of the most popular indigenous flowers in South Africa is the Zantedeschia most commonly known as the White Arum Lily.  Over the past few years we have seen more and more colours of the Hybrid Arum lilies being brought out. Called Calla Lilies these bright arums are incredibly rewarding to grow and fun to collect with over 50 colours to choose from.

The lily is a symbol of purity and elegance. Plant them in half-sun to semi-shade in the garden or on the patio in containers. As they mature you will get more and more flowers off each plant and you can even lift and divide them in a few years to share.

Calla lilies are grown from tubers and they should be planted at a depth of approximately 4cm with the points facing upwards with about 30cm of growing space between each plant. After planting thoroughly water the tubers. It is important to keep the soil evenly moist but not soaked. They grow taller each year as the clump matures and will easily reach almost half a metre in height eventually with lush dark green leaves.

A water soluble fertiliser such as Multifeed Classic should be applied every two weeks to encourage flowering and also to grow the tuber for even more flowers next year. Flowers should be removed when they start to wither away once the foliage starts to die down watering should gradually be reduced to let them dry out.

Calla lilies make excellent cut flowers lasting for ages in the vase. Take a bunch to a friend or a single stem in a vase makes a classic statement in a contemporary setting.

Calla Lilies