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Gardening with blue

Cascading Blue ConvolvulusOctober is one of those times of the year where we start to enjoy the work we put in over the past spring as the garden starts to burst into summer. After the heady yellow and orange flowers from the early spring garden it’s time for the blue flowers to take over. Blue is often associated with serenity, calm and spirituality. Especially in the later part of the afternoon, blue flowers seem to do just that, which makes the garden a haven to retreat to after a busy day.

Being out and about in the garden centre we’ve seen loads of blue flowers to inspire so here are some of the beauties we think you should consider.


Impatiens in every shade

Impatiens are the Queen of colour in the shade gardenNothing says summer quite like Impatiens. These attractive shade annuals got their botanical name from Latin referring to their seed pod which explodes when they ripen, shooting their sticky seeds far and wide.

They originate in East Africa and are indigenous to Zanzibar but the ones we see today are hybrids from many years of cross breeding to give larger flowers and in solid colours.


Planting colour for summer

Snaps are just one of our favouritesHere at Eckards we have many favourites for colour all summer. Nothing quite compares to colour in the garden. Colour outside sets the mood similarly to how it would indoors and with clothing trends but with the big difference being that colour in the garden is alive! Flowers and foliage colour can add energy to a space and can also be used to calm an area down or to even make one feel cool and relaxed.

This is achieved by planting yellow, orange and red flowering bedding plants to energise a space and ignite passion and look to the colours of blue, pink and purple to bring an air of calm and romance to the garden. White is a contrasting colour in the garden and will either serve to highlight the other colours and amplify their energy or when used on its own it lifts the greens and adds light to darker spaces.


Crunch and Munch

Get the tomatoes in for summer!Get your summer herb and veggies going now ready to harvest this summer. Growing your own herbs and vegetables is healthier for the family because the produce is fresh, you can control which chemicals if any are used and they will taste so much better! The general rule for growing food is if you are going to eat the leaves they will take a bit more shade, if you are going to eat the fruits or flowers give them more sun.

The best tip on growing your own veggies is to grow the produce your family will eat. Don't grow pumpkins if only dad will eat it, it is easier to maintain interest if the whole family can share in the spoils. It is so simple and easy to grow the best flavours, here's how.


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