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Snip and tuck

Time to get the pruning gear outTime to prune and rather than a dreaded chore, with the right tools and correct information, pruning can be easy. Think of it as the cut-back that rejuvenates plants and prepares them for a summer of healthy growth, glorious blooms or fabulous fruit. Pruning is a bit of a mystery for most gardeners and yet it need not be.

July and early August is pruning time and not just the roses. It’s also time to cut back hydrangeas and fruit trees. Pruning brings light and sunshine into the garden warming the soil and stimulating growth from the roots in the ground up.


Dress the patio

Get carried away with container gardening!Planting up a specimen container or arranging groupings of three or more pots can make a big difference to an entrance of entertainment patio. The best tip for successful container gardening is to make sure you plant up the container correctly with enough drainage and regular feeding.

The most frequently asked questions we get in the garden centre about containers are “what about drainage?” and “how often must they be watered?”


Sow Some Seed

Seed - Colour the most economical way!Water wise African Daisies lead the pack when it comes to loads of colour from seed for spring but that’s not all there is to choose from. We love the tough Bokbaai Vygies, dainty Lineria and the fragrant Virginian Stocks which are just as easy to grow and give you loads of colour the most economical way.

The Namaqualand is world renown for the display it produces in late winter and you can have that on your pavement or a sunny winter dry patch in your garden.


Colour Everywhere

Who can resist Pansies?Nothing beats the winter blues and lifts the spirits like a spot of bright colour. It’s time to plant the next seasons colour. By planting now your Pansies, Primulas and more will have an advantage over later planted ones because the warmer weather now will help them to grow bigger.

Did you know that one Pansy plant will have well over 600 flowers? No wonder they are SA’s most popular winter and spring bedding plant.


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